23 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant

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The next weeks pass from visit to visit a doctor? Every date stays in your head and you can't stop thinking about how your child is developing? It's normal. Welcome to my mother!


The child already has the right proportions, but he is still there very thin. It moves at a different pace and in a different way - sudden movements can be a symptom of fear or can be triggered by a dose of sugars delivered to the blood - after a sweet snack from mom. Slow and a bit lazy, however, show good humor and relaxation.
Another important change is the appearance of pigment, which makes the skin take on a natural color.
The child weighs on average 400-450 grams and measures from 23 to 26 cm lengths with straight legs.


At this stage, some doctors measure the stomach and compress the skin at this point. However, more and more often this method is replaced by ultrasound examination, which easily allows you to assess the size and position of the child. A certain novelty at this stage may be that the toddler, who could be fully previewed so far, may no longer fit on the ultrasound monitor. Therefore, during the examination, the doctor will traverse the mother's abdomen, observing individual parts of the baby's body.

You will certainly bloom at this stage of pregnancy. All thanks to faster blood circulation, Your skin is radiant and appears to be nourished. The nails grow faster and the hair shines and is much denser (therefore, just after delivery, the hair that did not fall out during its pregnancy will fall out).

Unfortunately, they may also appear unwanted hair - on the face, stomach, around the nipples, and leg hair may be darker than before. However, there is no fear. Everything should return to normal within a few months after delivery.

The baby grows very quickly, so you can experience increased appetite. Don't worry, it's normal. Try to eat balanced, varied meals. A larger child can also do more. That's why at this stage you may feel the fetal activity better.

What is worth remembering?

When traveling by car, pay attention to fastening the seat belt. Of course, if pregnancy is visible, you don't have to do it by law. However, with a little desire, you can easily arrange the belt so that driving a car is pleasant (just place the horizontal belt under your belly to feel pregnant in the car safely).

It is also worth it limit the body's exposure to the sun. Apply cream with UV filter to the skin well, in this way you can protect yourself against the negative effects of tanning - especially skin discoloration, which appears very often during pregnancy.

From mom's diary

I do not feel no Braxton-Hicks contractions, although apparently you can feel them at this stage. In return, as if for consolation, I caught a runny nose and flush with my nose for power (Read about a cold in pregnancy). After visiting the local pharmacy, I learned that I can't accept anything. Fortunately, I quickly dialed the gynecologist's number to recommend what to do. He gave quite a list of safe means. He also said that, with minor exceptions, I can treat myself with the same pills I used before I got pregnant.

In addition, I notice something else at home. I already suffer from advanced nesting stage. I take home newer bodysuits, rompers and rompers. I'm going to buy diapers, bras for feeding. I watch other mothers and compare models of prams. The husband looks with increasing amazement, but without a word hugs and watches my daily achievements.

What's worse, with the growing pile of clothes and accessories for the baby, my wardrobe decreases. I can fit in a few "light" clothes, I start to feel free to wear jeans for pregnant women, hunted for over PLN 200. Never mind that it's "expensive", it's important that my ass doesn't look like a full moon. Besides, if I don't have to go somewhere, I remain a total flin. Contrary to what they write, to take care of themselves during pregnancy and not stop at the man's effort to please ... I put on wide pants and a loose T-shirt. I rest (when I have time for it) and try to prepare for what awaits me. And from the right and left I hear that it will happen ...

From dad's diary

Today I heard how life changes after giving birth. My friends gave me a not very optimistic perspective. Zero sex, hugs, kisses, the baby is to take my place next to the breast and in bed. Filling her thoughts to the brim. In addition, lack of understanding and expectation of a man to be forgiving .... Is this probably some paranoia and discrimination? Or they exaggerated! Maybe they didn't tell me the whole truth?

Either way: You can't put it on the side track! I know it now.

Developed based on:"A healthy pregnancy. Guide of a loving mother ”MD Michael F. Roizen, MD med. Mehmet C. Oz"Pregnancy guide. Problems of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth ”prof. Ian Greer"Pregnancy and natural delivery. How to enjoy motherhood. A practical guide ”Dr. Ortrud Lindemann, Adriana Ortembeg"In anticipation of a child" Heidi Murkoff


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