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I went to buy something on sale ... I came back with nets full of children's clothes

I went to buy something on sale ... I came back with nets full of children's clothes

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Sale time. For some dreams come true, eventually you can go crazy in the store. For others character test, whether the budget can be kept. For me, the moment when I go out shopping and finally see prices that seem reasonable to me. Discounts of 50, 60, 70% are a real bargain.

In practice, thanks to them you can take advantage of prices exactly as they should be available throughout the year. Everyone probably got used to the fact that shopping is best done right now, when you can buy blouses for 10-15 zlotys, and shorts and skirts for about 20 zlotys. And not when summer dresses cost 80 zlotys and gaiters 40 ...

However, let's skip the topic of expensive. I don't want to complain this time.

I'm more interested in it the phenomenon of shopping madness.

I don't know if you will agree with me that it is more pleasant to buy clothes for the child than for yourself ...

Is this how you can meet your mother?

I love walking around the children's department. Especially clothing for girls arouses strong emotions in me.

All these soft rompers, frilly dresses, adorable shorts and tracksuits. Made of delicate materials in beautiful colors, they perfectly satisfy my aesthetic taste.

I look at them and I can't resist. Therefore, in my basket during the sale you will find not only clothes for this season, but also for the next. Already today completes the summer wardrobe, which my children will use next year.

Of course, I could buy something for myself, but ...

You have to go to the fitting room, face the queue too long, get tired in the fitting room, and finally say that I do not like anything, that I felt much better in the children's department.

This is finally my theory - when you become a parent, you find it more fun to buy things for your child than for yourself. True or false? How are you


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