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Dyspnoea in pregnancy - how to deal with them? And when to see a doctor

Dyspnoea in pregnancy - how to deal with them? And when to see a doctor

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Mild breathlessness in pregnancy is a physiological symptom associated with changes in the body. Increased progesterone directly affects the brain centers responsible for breathing, and the enlarging uterus takes the place of the lungs. Just before delivery, when the baby's head descends into the birth canal, you can feel a clear relief resulting from easier breathing - this is an important signal of upcoming delivery.

The need for more air and therefore oxygen in pregnancy is perfectly understood. That's why most pregnant women happen breathe like a locomotive... Panting, heavy breathing often occurs in during fatigue and increased physical activity. Sometimes, however, they are warning signal.

When does the problem occur? At what moment of breathlessness during pregnancy should motivate to see a doctor?

Is dyspnea in pregnancy the norm?

It is harder to breathe during pregnancy. This is the most physiological symptom. In the second trimester, information is sent to the brain via increased progesterone to increase breathing. All to get more oxygen for the developing fetus. Over time, with the development of the fetus, the uterus increases its size so that it "pushes in the abdomen and above it" and receives the space previously occupied by other organs.

See how this process looks like in animation.

At the end of pregnancy, when the baby's head enters the birth canal, the expectant mother experiences clear relief. He breathes easier. Dyspnoea and shortness of breath during pregnancy disappear.

When are dyspnoea in pregnancy a worrying symptom?

Sometimes, dyspnea in pregnancy is extremely troublesome. It ceases to be a physiological symptom, but begins to take the form of a very disturbing symptom, significantly hindering everyday functioning.

In this case, check for shortness of breath with other problems such as anemia and high pressure during pregnancy.

The problem is also asthma. In 30% of future mothers, the symptoms of the disease during pregnancy get worse, there is an increased risk of serious attacks and related complications. For this reason, it is so important to inform the doctor about your illness and supervise the situation.

Dyspnoea during pregnancy may be associated with acute respiratory diseases, for example, appear in the course of the flu. Unfortunately, during pregnancy there is an increased risk of developing complications such as pneumonia.

Shortness of breath also increases in summer, when the temperature rises and there is a lack of air not only for future mothers ... Then it is worth limiting activity and resting a lot.

How to deal with breathlessness in pregnancy?

Although pregnancy is not a disease, it changes the woman's body so much that it forces her to make certain decisions.

First exemption. Shortness of breath usually appears when climbing stairs, during a more active walk, when we are in a hurry or upset. Therefore, it is better to avoid situations in which we have a feeling of losing breath. It is true that activity during pregnancy is advisable, but one that does not cause discomfort.

You better be don't stress. Our breath is directly related to emotions. When we are nervous, our breath often shows that it becomes shorter, nervous. It works both ways. By deep breathing, we can calm the body and relax the mind. That is why it is recommended before an important event deep, calm breathing. Also for the same reason, proper breathing during childbirth is crucial, which also provides oxygen to the baby ...

It is also worth taking care of right attitude. Sitting and keeping your back straight allows your lungs to work more efficiently. However, taking incorrect positions can lead to breathing being difficult. Let's also take care of good sleep, it is often helpful to put pillows under the head and chest in such a way as to sleep a little higher. It is best to sleep on the left side.

When should you see a doctor immediately?

There are situations when breathlessness in pregnancy is very dangerous. Immediate intervention requires:


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