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Nahore Baby toilet water

Nahore Baby toilet water

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Not so long ago we wrote about children's fragrances Johnon's Baby, wondering who will buy children's perfumes ... That in the so-called in the meantime toilet water for the youngest would become the standard. The market accepted them with open arms, although I dare say that it is rather cold ...

We'll look at one of the toilet waters: Nahore Baby. The product is promoted as the first toilet water for children. It can be purchased in the online store, where it is displayed under the flashing photos of delightful babies.

What does the baby smell like?

I don't know my mother, who doesn't like the smell of a baby after bathing, and she thinks the moment when the baby falls asleep quietly in his arms is devoid of magic. In no other situation does the child look as sweet as when he is asleep. Meanwhile, for strange reasons, producers are trying to improve nature and do something else to "improve" this miracle.

Sure, I have nothing against cosmetics for the youngest (although we have limited their quantity to a minimum). I can't understand, however, what is the purpose of spraying a mist of toilet water over an infant ... Maybe you can explain it to me?

What's this for

Nahore Baby is a product that:

"It has a delicate, pleasant and fresh fragrance that improves the mood and makes the daily toilet even more pleasant."

Water is "supposed to be optimistic". The only question is who: children? Adults? Or maybe a baby a few weeks old?

The producer admits that toilet water can be used by both adults and children, but there is no doubt that the product was created for the youngest, and information about using it by an adult is a strange procedure closing the mouth of those who find that water toilet for the baby is unnecessary. Because it is unnecessary: ​​and there is no doubt about it.

Therefore, to those who think so: the Spanish producer is in a hurry to report: use it yourself, it's not only water for the child, but also for you. I'm just asking why? To smell like a child ??? Because the smell of this water is supposed to remind us of the innocent time of the first months of life ... Will the under 30-year-old want to smell like a baby? If a small child has a daily life around him and being with him, he feels how the child smells (and yet it is not always nice ...) will he also want to smell like him?

Does it really make sense to "improve children's smell", even if gently applying the product to a child's clothes, body or hair? Because it is clear that the purpose of this water is not to mask unpleasant odors ...

To do justice plus for the fact that the cosmetic is natural, hypoallergenic and does not contain alcohol.

Price depending on the size and type of packaging: 29.90 or 59.90 PLN. Is it worth it

The decision is yours.