Pregnancy / Childbirth

They decided to check how bad the delivery is ...

They decided to check how bad the delivery is ...

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It is difficult to imagine this pain for women who have not given birth. It is impossible to explain how it is really younger friends, because words are simply missing .... More or less accurate comparisons are used "It's a very strong menstrual period", "it's like running a marathon", "going to Mont Everest". However, a woman who has had a long-term childbirth behind her often shakes her head dissatisfied, trying to describe her feelings. Over time, memories fade and describe the pain of childbirth is even more difficult.

No wonder the curiosity of two controversial Dutch journalists took over. They decided, after consuming a piece of their bodies in one of the programs, to experience labor pains on a specially created stimulator. Dennis Storm and Valerio Zen at first asked with amusement they will scream in pain, laugh under their noses, and be clearly confident. Over time, everything changed. The pain was clearly beyond their means, because after two hours they decided to stop the experiment

Anyway, see for yourself: