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Wader farm

Wader farm

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I don't know all the children in the world, but the ones I had the chance to meet love animals. From an early age, they imitate the sounds they make and listen to stories and fairy tales about them with interest. They also like specific genres and demanding to watch them during the walk. Sometimes the tastes change: love for dogs turns into affection for cats, and then they begin to fascinate birds. However, when the circle of interest expands, animals that are found in the city center are also joined by animals most often accompanying people in the countryside or outside the city: fudges, horses, pigs, jackets and lambs. The ones that inhabit a two-story Wader farm.

Interesting and at the same time simple design

The toy is available in a cardboard box for self-assembly. Detailed instructions allow you to cope with this task in tens of minutes. After combining all the elements, it remains to decorate the farm building with stickers that make it "finished" and definitely prettier than without them.

Farm it two-story building. Constructed in such a way that you can easily reach every element of it: both above and below. Animals can be transported by means of a mobile elevator at the front or by means of a crank controlled crane.

All elements are solidly made. It's hard to corrupt them. We did not succeed, despite our attempts. Even the crane with the crank and the rope at the back of the toy remained unmoved and indifferent to our checking of its strength in many ways.

For children over 3 years

The manufacturer has prepared a toy for children over 3 years, but in our case it also turned out to be a bull's-eye for less than two years old. The daughter had no problem moving the door at the top of the farm, opening the latch at the bottom, as well as operating the elevator and crane.

Among the elements, only the figures of hens are small, which may put them in the mouth by younger children, the others are so large that there is rather no such risk. However, if the kids are still putting toys in their mouths, one should think about whether it is the right time to buy this toy. It is best to approach this issue individually.

Easy to carry

The toy is recommendable not only because of the durability of its implementation, a lot of additional elements (e.g. a special tractor and trailer to transport animals, feeding troughs, interesting planning of animal figurines with the option of moving the head), but also because it is very easy and it can be folded quickly by placing all additional elements inside. Closing the door and sliding the pull-out elements means that all elements remain in place. The manufacturer also planned a convenient carrying handle on the roof of the farm.

My opinion: an interesting toy that can be played in many ways, even by supplementing it and introducing new figures to the farm (not necessarily included). The price also seems favorable to me. We will receive the toy for around 60-70 zlotys. A certain downside may be for some made of plastic: especially for people who prefer greener toys.