How often do you bathe your baby?

How often do you bathe your baby?

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For many parents, the first bath of a baby is stress. Not only because of the apparent fragility of the child, lack of experience in care treatments and the fear of harming the baby. The reason for concern are also conflicting recommendations regarding the frequency of repeated care treatments. Some say that the first bath of a newborn baby should be delayed and then do not bathe the baby every day. Is that right How often do you bathe your baby?

When is a newborn bathed?

When I gave birth to my first child (about 5 years ago), the baby was cleaned of residual fetal water almost immediately. The first bath took place only a few hours after delivery. At the second delivery (over a year ago) the staff were in no hurry to immerse the baby in water. The child could stay next to me for a long time and nobody bothered about the stuck hair and skin not properly cleaned from the waters. Case?

Newborn's first bath and navel

Only in the space of about 5 years, as my experience shows, has the approach to belly care changed. In the past, care was taken at every step to ensure that the navel did not get wet during bathing. The more reasonable parents asked if it was even possible. Today, it is recommended to bathe the baby freely, but taking care that after leaving the tub thoroughly dry the navel area.

The official recommendations on how to care for the navel have also changed. Today, in the place of spirit, the so-called "dry care" is more often recommended (more on this subject). Have the recommendations on the frequency of bathing the newborn also changed? Do small children have to bathe every day?

Daily baby bath - a necessity?

Depending on where the child is born, things are different. A newborn baby is usually bathed in Polish hospitals on the first day after delivery. However, for comparison in England, usually for the first time the baby puts in the bath tub parents at home after discharge from the hospital.

In recent years, it has been increasingly said that frequent, especially long soaking of a baby has a negative effect on the condition of delicate, prone to skin irritations. The old recommendation to take a bath every day is being replaced today to do it 2-3 times a week until the child is one year old. Proponents of this thesis say that such a frequency of bathing is sufficient due to hygiene and reduces the risk of drying delicate skin, prone to various skin changes. They emphasize that frequent washing of the skin deprives her not only of dirt, but also of a film beneficial for her, protecting against moisture loss and against contact with pathogenic microorganisms. The recommendation for thinner and shorter baths is especially important for atopic dermatitis.

Does recommending cleaning less often involve inadequate hygiene? No. This theory includes less frequent bathing, but washing the skin exposed to frequent contact with sweat, urine, faeces or lotion during a downpour should be as frequent as required by the situation.


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