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Rehabilitation during pregnancy - what you should know about

Rehabilitation during pregnancy - what you should know about

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Pregnancy is a period many changes in the future mother's body. It is true that most often our surroundings focus on what can be seen from the outside - on growing tummy, enlarging breasts and changing body posture. However, let's remember that even larger and more significant changes occur inside the body in almost every system - from the circulatory, hormonal, to the locomotor system.

And that's probably it changes in the organ of movement are felt most by future mothers. They can apply to both changes in the feet, knees (here it should be emphasized that each additional kilo our knees feel as if we have four more; it is mainly due to the small joint surface that must take such a load), hips, sacroiliac joints, spine - in every episode, and even temporomandibular joints. They come to that muscle pain syndromes subjected to constant increased load.

Rehabilitation in pregnancy: can you?

Unfortunately, many future mothers who came to me complained that doctors postponed the rehabilitation until after delivery, indicating that physical therapy treatments are contraindicated during pregnancy, and classic massage and manual therapy are also not safe during this period.

Doctors recommend mostly rest and calm gymnastics. Although such advice is few patients are satisfied, these opinions are very right.

Especially in the case of physical therapy treatments for the spine- is it warming up compresses, electrotherapy or laser therapy and ultrasounds, and especially a magnetic field may pose a potential danger for the baby. Overheating treatments used in the lumbar region can lead to bleeding, while the electromagnetic field has teratogenic properties and can damage a developing baby and even lead to miscarriage, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. So don't hide from the doctor that we are expecting a baby.

The order of physical therapy also depends on the treatment site - there are no contraindications to using a laser or ultrasound, e.g. on a sprained ankle. The only exception here is low and high frequency magnetic field - a pregnant woman should not be in the vicinity of working therapy devices.

The generally accepted principle is that pregnant women should follow beware of physical therapy treatments applied to the lumbar region and those affecting the entire body (e.g. sauna or general cryotherapy in cryochambers).