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Chickenpox in children - do you know how to recognize and treat it?

Chickenpox in children - do you know how to recognize and treat it?

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Chickenpox to get infected very easily, quickly spreads in small environments, among siblings, in kindergarten, school. Source of infection there is always a second person suffering from smallpox or shingles - the disease spreads by droplet, it can be transmitted with air over a distance of several dozen meters. It is because of the ease of its spread that smallpox has gained the name "Windy" and the disease is also called "windbreaker". Fortunately, chickenpox in children usually has benign and, when childhood-borne, rarely leads to complications.

A few words about smallpox

Chickenpox is it Infectious disease caused by the chickenpox and shingles virus (Varicella-zoster virus). The incubation period of the disease is quite long - it is from 10 to 21 days after contact with the sick. The disease can last from several days to several weeks.

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Chickenpox in infants

The most dangerous is smallpox in newborns, which in extreme situations can be congenital - transferred from mother to child. In that case can lead to delayed child development, birth defects, low birth weight. Illness of a newborn baby or mother in a few days after delivery is very dangerous, it can lead to death of the baby.