How to wash your baby's head No stress bath

How to wash your baby's head No stress bath

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Newly-baked parents often get stressed by the vision of the baby's first bath. Through their eyes they can see their awkward movements and crying baby. They wonder how to do it efficiently and in comfortable conditions. The issue is particularly doubtful, how to wash your baby's head What cosmetics to use, how often to wash the baby's head and what mistakes to avoid.

Bathing can be a pleasure

Bathing a newborn baby or an older child can be a pleasure, a moment of relaxation and a nice time to be together. Over time, it can become a great opportunity to have fun. However, in order for this to happen, it is worth preparing yourself for the bath. Learning some important rules will protect you from unnecessary stress and nervousness.

How to wash a baby's head - step by step

The baby's skin is very delicate. It is very easy to irritate her, which is why it is so important to care for her in a special way.

  1. Choose a gentle shampoo created for washing baby hair. The product dedicated to the youngest has a skin-neutral pH and composition so that the skin does not irritate. Baby shampoos do not have allergenic ingredients, are safe and comfortable to use. They don't sting your eyes either. On the market you will find products recommended from the first day of life. Read how to choose a baby shampoo.
  2. Some experts recommend washing the baby's head in the first month of life not a shampoo, but an unscented hypoallergenic soap recommended for babies. Reaching for a soap is a symptom of increased caution, which in the opinion of some is indicated for the youngest children. The children's soap can handle both almost bald heads and the one with more hair.
  3. Before you take a bath, prepare all the necessary products, so that you have everything at hand - a towel, diaper, changing clothes, cosmetics, etc. Take care of the optimal room temperature.
  4. Undress the child and gently put in the tub, hold the baby firmly with one hand and wash with the other. Start with the body, wash the head only when the body is clean. If the child is afraid of water flowing down the face, be especially careful to save the baby from this discomfort. During the bath, you can sing to your child or speak calmly, thus creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  5. After soaking the hair, reach for the soap or shampoo and spread it over the hair with gentle movements, getting foam. Finally, rinse the baby's head thoroughly to get rid of the rest of the cosmetics.
  6. After bathing, put the baby on a soft, clean towel, dry the skin gently. There is no need to dry your child's hair with a dryer. The baby's delicate hair dries quickly.
  7. When the hair dries, comb your baby using a soft bristle brush.

How often do you wash your baby's head?

The baby's hair is not greasy. They can get dirty when a child rains or in the case of an older baby while eating or playing.

Most often, however, it is enough to wash the baby's head once or twice a week. This frequency of cleaning allows you to clean the head. Usually there is no need to wash the hair with each bath. However, if you see that the hair is dirty, wash it as often as necessary.

What mistakes to avoid?

  • avoid stiff, scratching towels,
  • do not rub the baby's skin hard,
  • make sure the water temperature is right before you put your baby in the bath. Too warm or too cold water can frighten your baby.
  • do not be afraid of a font that appears delicate, there is no risk of harming your child while bathing,
  • baby shampoo is not the same as baby shampoo. Read the labels!


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