What is a four year old? He likes to talk and test his abilities

What is a four year old? He likes to talk and test his abilities

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What is the average four year old? It's like asking what the average thirty-year-old is. Everyone knows that we differ from each other, sometimes we have different characters, we assess the reality around us differently, we are divided by views, behavior in difficult and beautiful situations, sensitivity, etc. Children are no exception in this respect.

However, there are features that are typical of most of them. And that's what this article is about.

Four-year-old likes to talk

The average four-year-old loves to speak. Almost from dawn to dusk, he tells stories and initiates conversations himself. He often mixes the real world with dreams, he can confuse his own desires, fears with what is actually happening - what is the truth. It sometimes plays with the language and combines funny sounds or words in a surprising way.

A four-year-old already knows the power of words, so he knows what "bad words" are. Although he does not understand them, he usually pronounces them intentionally. Instead of bans, it's a good idea to ask your child if they know what the word they used means. Usually, he will be ashamed because he will have no idea.

He likes independence

All you have to do is allow a four-year-old to help, order a "very important task" so that the child will be very worried and try to meet the expectations. That is why the child pours juice for guests with great reception, sets up cutlery, looks after his cousins. He wants to feel that he is important and needed.

The average four-year-old eats himself, dresses himself, runs to the toilet, brushes his teeth and looks after himself, initiating games and inventing entertainment for himself.

This is how Zofia described it on our profile on Facebook: "I understand that he is already big enough to not allow himself to speak" small ". He can show love and warmth and take care of his younger brother for 3 seconds. On the one hand, he is really very independent, and on the other he can cry for a small thing, just such a condensation of contradictions. "

Check your own abilities

The child loves making bridges, jumping, controlled slides, falling over and a lot of other activities that allow him to assess the capabilities of his own body. There is no problem with spinning, jumping on one leg, he is confident in his actions and does not lose his balance or confidence.

Most four-year-olds can ride a four-wheeled bicycle (some also without side wheels). He can also kick the ball to the goal, for example to the goal.

I like to write / draw

The average four-year-old already draws pretty nicely - he can draw a character, a house, a flower. The toddler often tries to sign (sometimes he can). I'm interested in letters and their combination.

Often, he also easily uses scissors.

He likes themed games

Playing in the theater, home, doctor is always advisable. It is worth devoting a moment to them and passing the positive patterns to your child during the time spent together.

Competition fan

A four-year-old loves competition. That is why a clever parent should take advantage of this by setting up tasks before the child - who will get home first, who will dress first, etc.

A toddler can suffer badly and lose a peer advantage.

It is worth explaining to the child that it may not always be the first, that having fun is the most important thing.

What should a four-year-old be able to do?

There are no two identical children, so you have to be careful to decide what a four-year-old should be able to do. First of all, the child should control his physiological needs, be able to dress, eat alone, behave in basic everyday situations.

Four-year-old in kindergarten

A four-year-old kindergarten wants to be liked, prefers to play with other children, interacts and functions in a game where there is a division of roles. He often has friends and is inspired by children who impress him. He imitates them, wants to look similar, begins to speak in a characteristic way. He is sensitive and shows empathy. Can empathize with the other person's situation.

A child usually easily counts up to 10 in two languages, knows most colors and shapes, and his vocabulary increases with each passing day.

Read about the development of a four-year-old.


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