"Mama 4 plus" - the program comes into force. What does this mean for parents?

"Mama 4 plus" - the program comes into force. What does this mean for parents?

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From March 1, mothers who gave birth and raised at least four children will be able to apply for a monthly pension of PLN 1,100 gross. Payments will be made under the "Mama 4 plus" program. The voices of disappointed parents do not stop. It is increasingly being said that this is another program that divides and encourages "doing nothing".

Who is the Mama 4 plus benefit for?

Women with at least four children who have not worked out a minimum pension or who have never worked professionally will be able to apply for the "Mama 4 plus" benefit. The pension will be paid after reaching the age of 60 in the minimum amount - PLN 1,100.

The program can also be used by fathers who have reached the age of 65 if the children were abandoned by their mother or the mother died. "Mama 4 plus" benefits will only be available to those who have not earned a pension. They do not add up to the retirement received through professional work.

What do parents think about the program?

Many applaud the idea, considering it an important symbol of appreciating the hardship of parenthood. However, there are many skeptical voices. Dagmara: "All changes aimed at making the unemployed better. The logic would be to support mothers returning to work, but apparently not in this country. "

Olga adds: "It seems that mothers who raised 4 children, ran a house and at the same time worked hard, paying most of their salary to taxes, they just took it ... since sitting on the ass you can also get a pension."

Katarzyna concludes: "Retirement should be for work. If a woman wants to look after children professionally, let them work in a nursery or kindergarten - but let them work professionally. This is a huge (another) injustice for many large mothers - those resourceful, hard-working and ambitious, who did not wait for someone to support them but reconciled work and raising children. It is very difficult and requires great sacrifice. Therefore, in my opinion, such a mother should receive a maternity pension plus the one earned in full time. "Maternal" retirement is only valid for such mothers who had to quit their job due to severe random cases, eg raising a disabled child. All the rest had free choice. No work should result in no pension. "

And you, what do you think about the new program?