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Pilch blowpipe

Pilch blowpipe

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We open a small cardboard box - I and my son are curious, because we have never seen a blowball before. The carton fits two small styrofoam balls, 10 colored straws (typical for drinks) and she - a wooden Blower.

I examined the object made of beech wood 6 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height, made with great precision and accuracy. The son took care of the colorful straws, but when he saw that I was placing the ball in a wooden object, he was waiting for what would happen.

I put the straw in the hole of the blower and blew it, the ball lifted up, and the little one jumped up in joy and called "I, myself". And the blowing and cheers of joy began to change. The ball, however, was not so obedient to a two-year-old and was still running away, you had to look for her every now and then.

The son blew several more times and gave the toy back, showing his head was aching. (But what is surprising how he blew passionately for a long time and his body was not quite prepared for it). The blowball went to the closet.

Various feelings tormented me, the product was awarded in the Child Friendly World Competition, it is recommended by a speech therapist and neurologist, and in our case he did not arouse much admiration, just a momentary attraction, and then the son did not really want to play with it.

I looked at the producer's website and found out there blowball is rather not a toy, but an exercise item for children, which need to improve their breathing and articulation. The blowgun is intended to help control and prolong breathing. In addition, it helps to concentrate and calm. Everything would agree, indeed blowball is to serve primarily as help children who need breathing exercises. Probably using a blowball is much more interesting than simply blowing into a straw, because a child can see the effects with his own eyes.

She visited us recently 3-year-old friend of my son. I took the blower out of the closet to see how it would react to such a "gadget". There was a problem because two children and one blowpipe one. The girl as soon as she saw the blow, everything around ceased to be important. Enchanted by the unexpected toy, she blew how much strength in her lungs. My branch also suddenly got a great desire to blow, so they blew in turns to see the ball rise for a moment. The end result was that you had to rent a blow-blower because the girl did not want to part with her. So, with a clear conscience, I must admit that my son was probably too small for such "adult" fun, which is why the blowball did not entertain him for too long. The manufacturer himself suggests that the toy is intended for children from 3 years because of the small elements (ball) that could be swallowed by a child. I know from my mother's report that she was playing with her for a long time. Currently, the blowball has already returned to her son, she is pulled out several times a day, for example, when you have to tame a small one after a crazy fun. The son calms down for a moment and concentrates on keeping the ball up. Today my son's friend came again and called "Maś duchajke"?

In conclusion, I think blowpipe is a good device for breathing exercises, but also for great fun, and its main advantages are one more time:

  • solid material
  • universal straws make the blower hygienic, just buy a few straws and you can play at will
  • teaches breathing control (very useful for children who need such exercises at home and in speech therapy rooms)
  • many hours of interesting and useful fun
  • quite attractive price around 35 zlotys

Unfortunately, there are also minuses:


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