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10 health reasons why you should get pregnant

10 health reasons why you should get pregnant

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Pregnancy, in addition to the many benefits of the joy of motherhood and having your own family, can also bring future health benefits for the future mother. If you are interested in what we are talking about, we have prepared a special article in which we present 10 health reasons why you should get pregnant. We invite you to read.

Performing preventive and diagnostic tests

The first health benefit a woman gets after becoming pregnant it is necessary to perform various types of preventive and diagnostic tests. Among them are, among others blood counts, hormonal tests, urine tests, diabetes, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, hepatitis and many more. Most of them a woman who is not pregnant would probably not do it routinely. For some patients, their results will be only confirmation of good health, and for others a chance to quickly start treatment of an accidentally detected disease.

Better nutrition and a healthier diet

One of the elements of medical visits during pregnancy is educating the patient about healthy behavior and a healthy lifestyle. A very important aspect, conditioning the proper development of pregnancy, is because Regular meals and a proper diet. The caloric demand of a pregnant woman is slightly higher because the body needs food not only for its own needs, but also for new life developing in it. Health benefits of a diet during pregnancy include from the rejection of products highly processed and rich in trans fats, in favor of high-protein foods and containing omega acids (the latter are often additionally supplemented with multivitamin preparations).

Fighting addictions

Another aspect of a healthy lifestyle that a pregnant woman should strictly adhere to is quitting addictions. Although it is well known that smoking and alcohol abuse is harmful to health, it is often very difficult to refrain from reaching for these drugs. A very good and effective motivator should be (although unfortunately not always) becoming pregnant. The awareness of the fact that consumed alcohol and smoked cigarettes poison the developing baby in the womb should be for a rational thinking and responsible mother the biggest motivation to quit smoking.

Reducing the risk of ovarian cancer

One of the risk factors for one of the most insidious cancers, ovarian cancer, is childlessness. Getting pregnant reduces the risk of getting this cancer. Without a doubt, this is one of the best and most surprising health benefits of being pregnant.

Less chance of developing endometrial cancer

A similar situation applies endometrial cancer, also known as endometrial cancer. Also in this case, having no offspring is a risk factor for developing endometrial cancer. Therefore, the benefit of becoming pregnant will not only reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, but also endometrial cancer.

Alleviation of autoimmune diseases

Due to the phenomenon of "suppression" of some components of the immune system (which is designed to allow the "foreign" mother to develop in the womb) pregnant women suffering from autoimmune diseases will be able to feel their symptoms alleviate. Some newly baked mothers may feel slightly worse after dissolution, as some may experience a sudden recurrence of the disease and increase in its activity.

Rest in allergies

Also pregnant women suffering from various allergies will be able to feel a bit of a respite, due to the soothing effect of steroid hormones produced in pregnancy in increased amounts. Thanks to them, although for some time future mothers suffering from allergies will be able to enjoy the less troublesome symptoms of hay fever, conjunctivitis or rashes and itching of the skin.

Relief of asthma symptoms

According to statistics, 33% of women who suffer from asthma feel better during pregnancy. Thanks to this, the comfort of a pregnant woman and her exercise capacity are improved. Positive effects are most noticeable in the final months of pregnancy.

Better condition of hair, skin and nails

During pregnancy, the condition of the skin, hair and nails improves significantly, which grow faster and become more durable. This happens both thanks to the body's production of large amounts of estrogen, as well as a more balanced and nutritious diet that women use during pregnancy for the good of the child. Good condition of the hair, skin and nails can deteriorate significantly after solution, so to maintain it, it is worth supporting yourself with a balanced diet and products rich in B vitamins or vitamin preparations.

Change in the psyche

Pregnancy affects a woman's psyche to a varying degree, but also in different ways, depending on her trimester. However, one thing is certain - couples who have been applying for children for a long time will feel special benefits in this aspect. The level of stress, which in their relationship was at a high level, decreases after becoming pregnant, they begin to feel relaxed and joyful excitement. Of course, pregnancy is not free of worries for them, but the vision of having shared offspring brings their partners closer together, builds mutual trust and layers of love and care, thanks to which it is easier for them to survive the harder moments on the road to resolution.

Stem cells

Although this phenomenon is not fully understood, specialists suspect that derived from the developing embryo can enter the mother's body and participate in the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. However, this is only a guess for now, and we will probably have to wait several years for scientific confirmation of this curiosity.

Have you, dear readers, experienced any health benefits of pregnancy? Share it with us in the comments.