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He cleans up and you rest. Vacuum cleaner ZACO A9s

He cleans up and you rest. Vacuum cleaner ZACO A9s

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We live in a very dynamic world in which most of us suffers from a lack of free time. Parents occupy a special place in this group. It doesn't matter if the children are small or slightly larger. Duties are increasing, and the day is not made of rubber. No wonder we feel tired and are looking for ways to make your life easier. Fortunately, they meet us modern technologies, proposing solutions that significantly simplify everyday life, including cleaning.

For example, they are becoming more and more popular vacuuming robots, that do not require human assistance for work. They move around the apartment themselves, scan the surface with modern sensors and clean even in the nooks and crannies!

How does it look in practice?

For several weeks we had the opportunity to test for you the latest robot vacuum cleaner ZACO A9s. And if we were to sum up this device in one sentence - it is a brilliant 21st-century equipment. It really makes life easier and allows you to gain more time for much more pleasant activities than cleaning! This is our next PARENT HIT!


ZACO A9s - convenience and versatility

How does ZACO A9s work? What possibilities does it give?

  • possibility of vacuuming and mopping (oscillating mopping),
  • device equipped with a camera,
  • scans the room all the time, thanks to which it avoids collisions with furniture and avoids obstacles,
  • the possibility of setting up a small device, the so-called virtual wall, i.e. switching off the area in which the robot is not to work,
  • the robot informs the user in English about its work (about starting work, about completion, about an obstacle encountered - when a large object has been pulled in, it alerts you to clean the brushes and stops vacuuming),
  • it is possible to control the robot through the application from the phone,
  • you can set the robot's work time in advance,
  • suction power can be adjusted,
  • a large container for dirt up to 600 ml, which allows for longer cleaning.

What do we think about this device?

The ZACO cleaning robot is a small (which is a huge plus!) Device. Works great on large surfaces. You can run it and do something else, which saves you a lot of time. Works both with quick and general orders. In the latter case, it is worth taking the chairs out of the room, allowing the device to clean more thoroughly in every corner. ZACO is a low vacuum cleaner (just over 7 cm) that will fit under some furniture, for example under the bed. Thanks to this, it can reach places where it is harder to vacuum in a traditional way.

The robot is quiet (only 63 dB), regardless of the operating mode set. It can clean our house even at night without waking the housemates. He will work with a sleeping child without any problems. The option to turn off voice prompts makes cleaning in all conditions possible and very comfortable.

Already after the first start, ZACO scans the room and starts cleaning. Thanks to the camera installed, the device knows the size of the room. Works faster and cleans the entire room in less time. He does it in a precise way, moving from a wall / furniture or other obstacle to the next place where he encounters an obstacle. In general, it is very effective in this respect!

ZACO tested by us - is loading

He works by moving around the room in such a way that he doesn't bypass any space (automatic mode). It also does not return to the vacuumed place, therefore it does not waste batteries and works in the shortest possible time. If the battery runs out during operation, the robot will return to the base, recharge and start working where it left off. It is possible to set the robot to vacuum it in a selected place, along the edge, or using the maximum suction power.

However, it is worth knowing that before activating the vacuuming function, clean the floor of toys, blocks, etc. If the device encounters an obstacle that is large enough to block its brushes, an alarm will be triggered.

It is rather difficult to imagine cleaning with children running around the house ... It is better to use this time to play together, for example, playing a board game or just go for a walk ... ZACO will clean up and we will return to a clean home.

ZACO moves easily on the floor, tiles, passes smoothly between the panels and the lower rug. However, if your home has tall, shaggy hairy carpets, the device will not work on them. In addition, it is not suitable for vacuuming black floors, carpets or panels, which it bypasses, considering them an obstacle.

A very big plus is connecting the vacuum cleaner to a wet cleaning device. The robot also works as a mop! The attachment used in the robot vibrates, which allows for even more thorough cleaning of the surface. Mopping can be monitored via the app, including, for example, the moisture content of the microfibre cloth. Unfortunately, the robot cannot be poured with common floor cleaning liquids due to too much foaming, the agent recommended by the manufacturer is recommended.

In addition, the application informs about the degree of brush wear and the need to replace them. Shows the path the vacuum cleaner has traveled. It also allows you to track it, for example on a larger surface.

An interesting option is the ability to set the device's work schedule. The robot will start at a specified time on a given day, even in the absence of the user and will clean the room. This option is also great in urgent situations when we are at work and we know that after coming home we will have guests. ZACO will clean up for us and we will return to a clean apartment.

The manufacturer ensures that thanks to the application you can clean at home, even when we are on vacation. It doesn't matter where we rest, ZACO will vacuum for us. The application allows you to check on the map of the apartment whether ZACO has arrived anywhere.

Does the device have any drawbacks? Yes, it dusts fairly quickly, dust accumulates on the black housing at the top. In addition, in a house where there is a lot of furniture and "nooks" may not reach anywhere. Hairy carpets are also insurmountable obstacles. ZACO works best on large areas.

More information about the device can be found here.

ZACO A9s has passed our tests. We recommend it especially on larger areas. It's great for quick cleaning! This is the most convenient device for vacuuming and cleaning floors, which we had the opportunity to use. A well-deserved title of Parental Hit!



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