When does the child start walking? About a beautiful adventure ...

When does the child start walking? About a beautiful adventure ...

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The question is often asked when does the child start walking? And really, only one answer is correct - when it's ready. Not when mom, dad or grandmother want. Not when "it's high time." Not even when he sees his cousin treading and everyone expects her to start too. The child must be ready. And that's good news for him. However, not necessarily for his loved ones, who often get nervous and can't wait for the first independent step. What is this readiness about?

When does the child start walking?

Most babies take their first steps between 9 and 12 months of age. This is a very average value. For every toddler this "big day" can happen at a different moment.

It is assumed that the first step the child should put up to 18 months of age. Most children walk well when they are 14-15 months old.

A 2015 study clearly emphasizes that there is no connection between early walking and the child's intellectual abilities. The fact that the child quickly took the first step will not make him a genius in the future.

When a child begins to walk, it is just beginning

As long as the child is static, it is relatively easy to ensure his safety. When a toddler acquires the ability to move, you need to pay attention to whether the space is ready for it. The basis is safety.

The baby's wanderings are also a big challenge for parents. An inclined position, belaying a toddler, or catching when a child enters the "forbidden area" is undoubtedly a heavy burden on the spine. On the other hand, the ability to walk "calms down" many children, makes the child can play even better. Very conscious exploration of the world begins.

How do you know that your child is ready for the first step?

For a child to take the first step, he must prepare well for it. First of all, proper strengthening of the body's muscles and training coordination are crucial. Secondly, it is crucial to practice certain moves that will later facilitate movement.

How to know that your child is ready to walk:

  • jumps when sitting
  • springs on kneels,
  • walks like a crab (backs to the floor),
  • pulls himself up next to the furniture (the child needs to get up first before he can walk),
  • when it stands, it transfers weight from one leg to the other,
  • climbs the stairs
  • the toddler is more restless and impatient,
  • the baby is crawling or is otherwise moving on the floor (some babies do not crawl, they start walking immediately).

When a child starts walking, it gets ... more demanding

Learning to walk is an important milestone in a child's development. Requires the acquisition of many new intermediate skills. This, in turn, is an extremely difficult time for a child. On the one hand there is joy and satisfaction, on the other bitterness that not everything is going well yet. That is why many parents notice that the toddler becomes irritable, tearful, can sleep restlessly and wake up more often at night. However, these are temporary difficulties that you just have to wait.

It is worth showing empathy and patience. Let's make sure that the child's environment is safe for everyday trips.


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