Breast pad test

Breast pad test

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In every mother's future layette there are certainly breast pads. They are necessary especially during the first weeks of lactation, when the food "comes out" from the breast, often uncontrolled. Their task is to absorb the flowing milk, and thus protect against unwanted stain on the blouse.

The market offers many types of inserts. Many manufacturers have them in their offer. Today I decided to test for you the 3 most popular brands.

BabyOno - Premium breast pads with increased absorption. 60 items (50 + 10 free) - PLN 21.99

One of their main advantages is the fact that each insert is packed separately. This gives you the opportunity to throw the set into your purse or wallet "just in case" if the existing ones end their lives. This has the other side of the coin - you have to unpack each one laboriously, and throw away the foil, which, from the point of view of a person sorting garbage, is quite tedious. However, this solution has more advantages than disadvantages.

As for inserts. Of the tested are the thinnest and most discreet. The fastening strap is a long and wide chord of this oval insert, its surface sticks well to the bra, even lace.

Absorbency is surprising. I can venture to say that one insert can be safely used all day. In addition, the "full" insole is still dry, which affects the comfort of wearing it.

Babydream (Rossmann) - breast pads with fastening straps. 30 pcs - 6.79 PLN (60 pcs - 13.58 PLN)

Are smaller and much thicker from BabyOno. Despite this, after a while of use they cease to stand out on the underwear and nicely "lie" to the breast. The material from which they are made is pleasant to the skinand absorbency provides comfort for many hours. Like BabyOno, they are dry even after longer wearing.

The downside is fastening strap. It is microscopic in size, which makes it impossible to really attach the liner to underwear. By the way, do any of the Moms use the underwear insert attachment?
A definite plus is the price of the product, almost half the price of BabyOno compared to the same quantity.

Mamma (Bella) - breast pads with adhesive. 60 Economy items - PLN 17.63

Their the size is intermediate between BabyOno and Babydream. Price as seen - also.
Unfortunately, the product is also average. Absorption is good, but the first drops leave an unpleasant moist layer, which does not pass even after weathering or leaving it to dry for longer. Only drying for 3 hours gives a noticeable difference, but then the coating (made of 100% cotton) becomes, where the milk has accumulated, stiff and quite rough.

The fastening strap is oval, I have the impression that it is placed somewhat accidentally on the insert, because each piece has a mounting in a slightly different place. The size of the adhesive is so small that, like in Babydream, I wouldn't count on real attachment of the insert in the bra.

However, an interesting solution is method of packing Economy version liners. In the cardboard box there are 2 packages with a string fastener, 30 inserts in each. This gives the possibility of hygienic storage of inserts, storing the supply, as well as taking them with you (unless you are scared off by packing in the bag with so many pieces). This is an intermediate solution between "thrown" loose Babydream inserts and separately packed BabyOno inserts.

In my opinion, in the first period of lactation, when we have the most food and during feeding always or almost always there are uncontrolled leaks definitely BabyOno, despite its price, wins. I would place Babydream just behind him. Unfortunately, the second place Babydream receive because of the thickness of the insert (which in turn compensates for the attractive price). Mamma inserts are definitely a fatal solution during the first feeding period.

Later, when lactation is so controlled that leaks only occur sometimes and in the amount of a few drops, we can use all the brands I tested.

Johnson's Baby breast pads (50 pcs, approx. PLN 15-20)

A characteristic feature of the insoles is theirs profiled shape. In my opinion, however exaggerated. A place for the nipple is obviously ingenious, but it has more disadvantages like advantages. First for the first hour the tab protrudes, which can be quite embarrassing for a woman. Then the tab flattens, so the original idea does not go hand in hand with practice.

Under the influence of food swelling forms in the liner (according to the manufacturer, this technology turns liquid milk into gel), which after a few hours become uncomfortable. The effect is thatthe inserts should be changed several times a day.

The packaging is very convenient, although all inserts are inserted loosely. I would describe the thickness of the inserts as average. Babydream are definitely thicker, but BabyOno thinner. I would place them because of the thickness next to Bella Mamma.
The material is interesting from which the inserts are made. Is very pleasant and quite slippery. Under the influence of milk, however, it changes into a regular coating, which is present in all other inserts.

Regardless of the amount of milk flowing out insoles are very absorbent and do not leak. They also remain dry, which makes them comfortable to wear.

The adhesive strip is not large, but the adhesive used is strong.

To sum up, they are reliable insoles. In my opinion, however, they fall out worse than BabyOno or Babydream due to their profile, which does not work and the gel that becomes uncomfortable.

Canpol Babies breast pads (40 pcs, approx. 15 PLN)

Similarly to BabyOno, breast pads of medium thickness have longitudinal fastening strap, along the entire length of the oval. Inside the box is a hygienic bag in which all the inserts in the column are placed.

The inserts are very much pleasant to the touch, very absorbent. The food does not turn into gel, as in Johnson's Baby, but you can feel clumps of saturated cotton wool.

Unfortunately, they are not leaking. Of course, their absorption is a conventional issue, because each of us has a different amount of food leaking during the day. In my case, an MUST take place in the afternoon. Despite filling the inserts the skin stays dry which is an undoubted plus.

I think that these inserts are as interesting as Babydream. To BabyOno, in my opinion, they lack more absorption.

In my test, 5 types of the most popular breast pads definitely BabyOno took the first place both in the category of absorbency and thickness, waterproofness, practicality / hygiene (each separately packed) and comfort. They lose only in the price category. Babydream and Canpol Babies came next. Bella and her Mamma pads have the worst suggestion in my opinion.

My ranking is absolutely subjective. I realize that those that are great for me, for another mother can be a terrible solution and vice versa. That is why it is worth convincing and choosing the perfect insoles for yourself. The market is so full of them that you would probably need 4 children to be born to test each.


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