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Egmont audiobooks, or how long should a fairy tale last?

Egmont audiobooks, or how long should a fairy tale last?

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How long should a fairy tale prepared for a few years old last? Is that a simple question? Rather yes for parents. If it's interesting, at least a dozen or so, so as not to write a few dozen minutes. If it is also to be read a bedtime story, it's good when it allows the toddler not only to calm down, but also to fall asleep. Optimum, and for some it is a minimum half-hour. Unfortunately, the popular publisher Egmont provides a series of audiobooks, which in this respect are not able to meet even the simplest requirements.

We got the tale "Lion King" in our hands. Reaching for the packaging, which we can get in the store for about 25 zlotys, and online for about 15 zlotys, we can rightly believe that we will get a fairy tale that, when inserted into the player in the car or at home, we will listen to it for such a time that the action will be able to develop well. Unfortunately, in the case of the Lion King and other discs in the series, you can be disappointed. In this case the middle hides 32 cards with colorful pictures and an 8-minute recorded story.

Eight minutes is a lot? If that were the case, the publisher would surely show it off. Unfortunately, nowhere on the packaging - neither from the front nor the back, you can find information about the duration of the fairy tale. We learn this after inserting the disc into the player, when the relevant information is displayed next to the message "track 1", read the one and only. Then silence. End.

For eight minutes, most of us are unable to lull a child to sleep or even calm down after a long day. That much time is usually not enough to get to work or by car to your beloved grandmother. Even if the audiobook turns out to be sufficient on one of the routes, the buyer may feel disappointed if not deceived. This impression accompanied us just after unpacking the CD.

Is it profitable to listen to her? Certainly yes, because Artur Barcis is doing everything in his power to sweeten us eight minutes with the story. Is it worth buying it? If I had the knowledge I now have after opening the foil wrapping: I'd say no. However, as in life: everyone must decide for themselves.

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