Sea water, Sterminar nasal spray

Sea water, Sterminar nasal spray

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Stermiar Baby is a physiological solution of sea water. Works for moisturizing and daily nose hygiene. It is completely natural, as the producer assures, without preservatives.

Spray sea water allows clean the nose during infection, facilitating feeding the baby, moisturizes the mucosa, especially during the heating period, when it is dried. In addition, it promotes the proper functioning of the nasal mucosa. It can be used two to six times a day for each buttonhole.

Plus for being a preparation works both vertically and horizontally.

Unfortunately the product is quite ungrateful in the application. Kids usually don't like her. Elders can rebel so effectively that the use of the preparation becomes impossible.

The pressure at which the spray stream flows is so high that it is unpleasant (especially for babies). Not only for children, but also for adults. Toddlers can even apply after application coughing (when instead of mist the water spills out, which also happens).

In addition, you can complain about too small "Flexibility" of the button. It is too stiff, which makes it difficult to control the amount of fluid escaping.

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