Weekly shopping cheat sheet

Weekly shopping cheat sheet

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By visiting, you save. Especially for you, every Friday we prepare a list of products at a reduced price. Check in which supermarket you will get diapers, wet wipes and dishes in jars at the lowest price this week.


  • Gerber children's dishes (190g) various types for 3.59 instead of 4.59 in Kaufland.
  • Gerber children's dishes (130 g) in Real at a price of 3.29. Whereas Gerber Doremi in Real at 5.59.
  • Gerber desserts for children (130 g) at a price of 2.79. At Tesco, for one dessert, we will pay 2.24 zlotys when buying four pieces.
  • Hipp children's dishes in Real at 4.49, while at Tesco at 4.59. In turn, buying four Hipp dishes at Tesco will pay 4.12 for one (the same price when buying four desserts).
  • Bobovita children's dishes in Real (180 g) at the price of 5.59, the first pack and the second in the amount of 2.80. In contrast, Bobovita desserts for children in Real, the first package at 4.69 and the second 2.35. At Tesco, in turn, we can take advantage of the promotion of 4 dishes for the price of 3 (2.62 when buying 4 packages for one - desserts and 2.92 - dinners)
  • Nan 2, 2R, 3 milk at Polo Market for 12.99.
  • Hipp milk for children in Real for 33.95.
  • We will pay 27 zlotys for two packages at Tesco milk Bebiko.
  • Bebilon Milk in Carrefour for 57.99.
  • Nestle milk-rice porridge in Real at the price of 6.79. Whereas at Tesco we can take advantage of the promotion: 4 porridges for the price of 3 (5.54 zlotys when buying four packages for one)
  • Nestle porridge for children in a carton (260 g) in Real at a price of 9.97.
  • Bobovita milk-rice porridge in Real at a price of 5.29. In the same place, we can take advantage of the promotion by buying two packages (290 g), the first at 8.39 and the second at 4.20.
  • Bobovita juice or nectar in Real at a price of 2.99.
  • Nestle children's desserts in Carrefour at the price of 8.99.

Hygienic products

  • Instead of 49.99, Pampers Active Baby diapers in Kaufland will pay 36.99.
  • Pampers Value Pack diapers in Real at a price of 39.95. In contrast, Pampers Newborn nappies for 19.99.
  • Pampers Multi Pack nappies at Tesco for PLN 79. Discount from 119 PLN.
  • Pampers Sleep andy Play diapers at Tesco for 28.49.
  • Huggies diapers in Auchan for the price of 36.99 instead of 44.99. At Tesco, we'll pay 33.85 for standard packaging, and 59.99 for Giga.
  • Happy baby nappies at Carrefour at the price of 46.89.
  • We will get Bambino baby wipes at Polo Market for 5.99 instead of 7.99.
  • Wet baby wipes Pampers in Real for PLN 19.99.
  • Nivea Baby wet wipes in Real at a price of 19.99.
  • Huggies wet wipes at Tesco two packs for 13.99 instead of 15.99.
  • Real Sudocream cream 250 grams plus 10 grams for PLN 27.99.
  • Kindii wet wipes 3 packs for PLN 12.99 in Real. In Drogeria Natura, on the other hand, the same wipes for 11.99.
  • Aquafresh children's toothpaste in Real for 6.79.
  • Nivea Pure Sensition baby cosmetics in Real for 12.99. A Nivea Baby in Real for 14.49.
  • Bobini children's cosmetics at Tesco 20% cheaper.
  • Lovel powders and liquids at Tesco 20% cheaper.
  • Nivea Baby all-weather cream, body and hair wash gel, anti-chafing cream, baby oil at Drogeria Natura for 9.99.

Toys and accessories

  • bedding set with license in Auchan for 59.49.
  • Winnie the Pooh ride in Real at 79.95 instead of 139 zlotys.
  • Lovi mugs at Tesco 360 degrees and a non-spill mug 150 ml at a price of 13.39, discount from 19.99.
  • tetra diapers at Tesco 4 for the price of 3 - we will pay 10.17 zlotys for 4.

Promotion time
Kaufland 24-30.01.2013
Polo Market 23-27.01.2013
Real 24-30.01.2013
Tesco 24-30.01.2013
Carrefour January 23-28, 2013
Net 21-27.01.2013
Drogeria Natura 17-30.01.2013