How to massage the baby and child

How to massage the baby and child

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To apply the massage to the baby, it is not necessary to take a technical course. The mother instinct will tell you how to massage your baby. You can start to massage the baby from the first month of life and extend it as long as you want.

The massage consists of orienting yourself simply by a direction and a sequence of movements according to your age. And for it to be effective you have to put two basic ingredients: tenderness and delicacy. By providing pleasure to your child, you will be benefiting the relationship between the two; it is a way of communicating directly with him.

It is convenient to make a daily massagealways after or before bathing and in a warm and closed environment; If it is summer you can do it outdoors as long as you make sure that the baby does not get cold. There may be soft music in the background to facilitate interaction.

First of all, sit on the floor with your legs straight, your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Cover your legs with the towel or raincoat that you normally use for your baby. Take the naked baby and lay him on the towel in a position where the two of you can look at each other. Smear your hands with a natural oil or with the cream that you usually use to hydrate the baby and dedicate a minute of your gaze towards him. Then the massage begins.

If you wish, you can follow our guidance:

1- Focus on doing movements firmly, always from the inside to the outside and from the center to the extremities or from the bottom up. From left to right, at a slow and constant pace, moderating the pressure of the fingers according to the area.

2- Start with the chest. Slide your hands from the center to the sides. First the left and then the right.

3- After the chest, massage her arms, turning the baby on his side, holding him by the shoulder and making movements (with the other hand) from the shoulder towards the pulse, always maintaining a constant rhythm.

4- Massage your hands, gently stretching each finger. And the same with the feet and their little fingers.

5- Place one of your hands at the height of the your baby's stomach and slide it down towards the tummy as if you were emptying it. Alternate movements with one and the other hand. If your baby has gas problems, this massage will help him eliminate them.

6- If your baby is not so small, you can turn his body over and give him a back massage, always from the central part to the sides. He will thank you with babbling and screaming.

Important: massage should only be avoided when the baby has a fever, flu or an infection. And if the child begins to cry when you are giving the massage, interpret it as a NO and abandon the exercise.

You can consult these videos to learn how to massage your baby. We explain from the hand of an expert how to do relaxing massages, to relieve colic or stimulating massages.

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