When baby's chin gets irritated from drooling

When baby's chin gets irritated from drooling

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Before three months the baby barely secretes saliva. She has no teeth and she nurses frequently so the saliva function is not very useful; However, after three months the baby's glands begin to activate, coinciding with the first signs of teething.

Suddenly we find a smiling baby full of gushing drool (although it also depends on each child) constantly wetting their chin, neck and even their clothes. At that moment the babies are hilarious, but if we are not careful in a short time the first setbacks of this new stage will appear: a irritated chin, a red neck, and always soaked chest.

They say that humans secrete between 1 and 1.5 liters of saliva a day, thank goodness that adults know how to swallow it, who knows what it would be like to pour over that amount of drool every day. The fact is that babies, still not secreting so much saliva, are not able to swallow all that they generate during the first teething, that is, between 3 and 9 months. So parents must be careful, in addition to the Moors who begin to hit the fingers, with That extra saliva that slides down the chin, as it can cause dermatitis, eczema, and even fungus.

Children's skin is very sensitive and, although it may seem otherwise, the truth is that saliva dries out, which causes the skin to become weak and more prone to infections.

- Really the most important thing is to keep the area as dry and clean as possible, at which point we will have to expand our bag or backpack further to put in exorbitant amounts of bibs so that the baby does not get the breast wet and can catch constipation, as well as with a cotton cloth to dry the chin and the folds of the neck, a preferred place for fungi to accumulate moisture.

- Pacifiers don't help much either, since being made of plastic and being in continuous contact with the drooling area, they usually keep moisture and rubbing may appear on top.

- There are parents who apply moisturizing cream in these areas as a prevention, but it can be a double-edged sword, since moisturizing cream when the baby already has redness can further dry out the area and make the situation worse; It is better to apply protectors such as water-based paste or Vaseline, especially at night, but always before the redness appears.

- Once the irritations have appeared it is better consult with a pediatrician the type of cream to apply, since sometimes it is usually advisable to apply some corticosteroids, antibiotics, when there is infection or antifungal agents for fungi.

- As for soap, use one with neutral ph, since the others can weaken the baby's skin more and make the area more itchy.

But above all, do not despair, remember that this is something temporary, and that in just a few months you can get rid of those drool that completely covers your baby, and you will even remember it fondly.

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