Against depression in pregnancy, think about your baby

Against depression in pregnancy, think about your baby

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When pregnancy suddenly bursts into the life of a couple who believe that it is not the time, that the work circumstances are not the most appropriate, that the economic situation is adverse, that the couple's relationship is not going through the best moment or that the cluster of circumstances is not desired by both to have a baby, depression can wreak havoc on pregnant women.

The news of the pregnancy can fall like a vase of cold water and it takes a lot of fortitude and inner strength to face the situation gracefully and move forward. And it is that I find the comments of many future mothers who are facing the pregnancy against the current, assuming situations that sensitize the heart. However, at the same time and in all of them, I have felt that the need to find an open door to hope and the search for a way out of this situation to bring the baby into the world in the best possible environment, is the denominator common.

When there are drug problems in the couple, when one of the two partners feels undervalued, when sadness can with both or when the relationship breaks up in the middle of pregnancy, the reasons for being depressed are not fiction, they are part of a dramatic reality that should be solved as soon as possible for the sake of the baby on the way and for the correct development of their vital structures.

According to a British study, women who are depressed during pregnancy tend to have babies with a slower rate of development than usual. Research carried out in the United Kingdom with 11,000 women, who had depression during pregnancy, revealed that there is a relationship between the level of depression of women during pregnancy and the poor development of their babies. The conclusion revealed that women with persistent depression during pregnancy were 50 percent more likely to have children with certain problems, and to give birth to un premature or low birth weight baby.

Going to the psychologist for help is the best option within the first steps to take before continuing in this situation any longer. And it is that prolonging depression in pregnancy can be harmful not only for the development of the baby, but also for the future mother because depression not treated during pregnancy can be prolonged and also become evident during the postpartum period. Thus, the woman may have problems taking care of herself and her baby, have difficulty sleeping or sleep too much, suffer feelings of guilt, Difficulty concentrating, loss of energy, tiredness, changes in appetite, or lack of interest.

Going out with friends, especially if the relationship with the couple is not going well, going to meetings with other pregnant women, doing gentle exercise such as Pilates or prenatal yoga, walking and taking a bath in sunlight first thing in the morning are some of the strategies you can put in place to improve your mood. A recent study carried out in Switzerland has revealed that phototherapy improves depressive symptoms in pregnant women. And above all, think about your baby. It is the best gift that life can offer you. Take care of yourself to enjoy it as you deserve.

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