My baby prefers the bassinet

My baby prefers the bassinet

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At home my baby had two places to sleep, a bassinet and a crib. At first, it seems that the more space the baby has to move the better. But the truth is that until they are three months old they move little and have no need to stretch. They feel better when they are curled up on themselves like a ball. As a matter of space, when decorating her room, she had placed her crib there along with the chest of drawers, the nursing chair and a very practical side table, which she had placed to the right of the nursing chair to leave and collect all the things. I needed to have on hand.

When he finished nursing, he changed his diaper and when he felt that he was calm, clean and comfortable, I placed him in the middle of the crib and invited him to take a nap. It struck me that when I returned to see how he was doing, he had moved up and her head was stuck to the bump of the crib. He was so tiny that the crib seemed too big for his size and cornered as it was on top, he had plenty of mattress everywhere.

After a few days observing that gesture of my baby, which seemed curious to me, I decided to change the bassinet, that I was using at night, because I could fit in my bedroom in one of the side corridors, between the bed and the wall. So I could have him close and listen to him at night. However, during the day he used the crib. In his room, he had the intercom connected and while he was resting I could hear him from the kitchen, the living room or the bathroom because he took the device with me everywhere.

When changing to the bassinet, I started to notice that my baby was less stressed and much more relaxed. Tucked, lulled, balanced by his own movement and in a space more in line with his size, my baby rested in peace. I was still amazed that he was climbing to the top of the bassinet to press his head against the protection and I decided to lay him down like that.

From that moment on, it was hardly difficult for him to fall asleep, his eyes narrowed and he grimaced with pleasure. I felt like the happiest mother in the world. He was understanding him, he had expressed his feelings to me and had responded to his demands. It was our first connection, our first dialogue without words, we were bonding, establishing the bond and we had only been together for a few days.

With the head next to the protections of the headboard of the bassinet, my baby felt comfortable, enjoyed the feeling of protection of the mother's wombHis head was pinned to the bottom, and he was safe and secure. The tranquility and peace that this pleasant sensation gave him helped him fall asleep, rest better, wake up happy, and eat eagerly. I had managed to make my baby happy.

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