Why younger siblings look up to older ones

Why younger siblings look up to older ones

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Fights between siblings are a constant in all families. On many occasions generated by rivalry, competitiveness, jealousy or by getting the attention of parents.

For younger siblings, the figure of the older brother is fundamental in their development. Despite these daily disputes, your role is very important in your personal development. On our site we tell you why the little ones admire and imitate their older siblings.

1- The older brothers have that feeling of protection towards his little brothers which he also transmits to them, giving them a certain security.

2- Older siblings have more experience and baggage in some fields: academic, family, social, ... so they become references for their little brothers.

3- The younger siblings turn to help of his older brothers on many occasions and circumstances.

4- Younger brothers have blind faith in their older brothers since they see them as experts and they trust what their older brothers transmit to them.

5- The older siblings become a fundamental support in the lives of their little brothers because with them they share all the experiences within the family nucleus which makes them more united.

6- The little brothers consider their older brothers brave because they have to face many things for the first time, while they already have the experience of these.

7- The older brothers become teachers of his little brothers since they imitate all their behaviors.

8- The older brothers they become confidants of their younger siblings since they are often more confident due to their closeness to their older siblings when transmitting certain insecurities or concerns.

9- The older brothers help minors to be more sociableas they have the support of their older siblings.

10- The younger siblings they learn to share not only games but also experiences with his older brothers.

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