Stories of mothers around the world

Stories of mothers around the world

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Moms around the world is a nice project of our site that collects stories and experiences of women who have been mothers or raise their children far from their country of origin.

Moms who live in Europe, Latin America, Asia or Oceania tell us what cultural differences they have found in their host country and what things are different when it comes to carrying a pregnancy or educating their children far from their homeland.

Poland, Italy, the United States, Spain, Germany ... Our traveling moms have come to these countries from far away to raise their family there, do you want to know their history?

A Guatemalan mother in Madrid. I am Andrea, mother of Paula of 8 months. I am Guatemalan and now I live in Madrid. We went through Spain because my husband is Spanish and since his project in Chile (where we live for several years) had finished, we would spend a vacation and then go to a new destination. We decided that the entire pregnancy and the birth of our little girl would be in Madrid and the adventure began!

A Peruvian mom in Holland. This is the story of Nathaly, a very feisty Peruvian mom who encountered some problems when she moved to Holland. He lives there with two children.

Being a mom in the United States. Lisi is the mother of two children and lives in the United States. She tells us about her experience of motherhood in this country, so far from Spain, where she left the rest of her family.

A Spanish mom in England. Carlota is a nutritionist and collaborator on our site, but above all she is a mother. She lives with her two daughters in England (they previously lived in Ireland) and is now about to become a trimami.

A Peruvian mom in Madrid. A Peruvian mother who lives with her two children in Madrid. Youvitsa is 24 years old, born in Cuzco and came to Spain a year and a half ago to live with her husband and two children. This is your experience as a mother in a foreign country.

A Venezuelan mom in Montreal. What is it like to be a mom in Montreal? Cynthia, a Venezuelan mother who has emigrated to Canada with her little girl, tells us about it. Discover what are the main advantages and disadvantages of living in this Canadian city.

A Spanish mom in Denmark. Teresa is a Spanish mother who emigrated to Denmark, a country very different from Spain. Customs change and so does the health system and the education of children. Teresa tells us what it is like to be a mother in this European country.

A Spanish mom in southern Italy. Sonia lives in Salento, a paradisiacal area in southern Italy. She is Spanish, and from here she wants to tell us about her experience as a mother there in southern Italy. In our journey around the world, we meet moms who share with us their vision of motherhood from the place where they reside.

An Argentine mother in Madrid. What it is like to be an Argentine mother and live in Spain with two and a half children. The oldest, Inés, is 6 years old, the second, Bruno, 4 years old, and a third is on the way, which fell as surprisingly as the rain in the desert.

A Polish mother in Madrid. My name is Justyna and I am a Polish mother who lives in Madrid with her husband and little Jan, 6 years old. This is the experience of a mother living and raising her child in a foreign country.

A Spanish mom in Eastern Europe. A Spanish mother raising and educating her children in Sofia, Bulgaria. How is the way of life in Eastern Europe? A Spanish mom who lives as an expatriate with her children in Bulgaria tells us about it on our site

A Spanish mom in Italy. A Spanish mother who lives in Italy, in a small town in Piemonte, tells GuiaInfantil about her adventures and experiences being a mother in a foreign country. Find out what advantages and disadvantages there are in educating and raising children in Italy.

A Spanish mom in Germany. Don't miss this testimony: the experiences of a Spanish mother in Germany. Fatima was a student from Madrid who, like many other young people of her generation, decided to pursue university studies in Germany and ended up married with three children. This is the story of a Spanish mom who lives in Germany.

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