5 tips for your child to be more independent

5 tips for your child to be more independent

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Many parents inadvertently overprotect their children doing things for them all the time, even the dumbest things they do just so that the children don't strain or thinking that doing it for them is also faster, less complicated ... big mistake! Patience is the key to success, and in the education of the children as well, especially to help the children to be independent.

Sometimes these same parents think that their children are not capable of doing things without help, either because they fear they will hurt themselves or because they simply think they are incapable. This just cut the wings of children's independenceYes, it overprotects them and will turn children into comfortable beings who do nothing for themselves because they think that 'others will come to do it for me', and what is worse ... children will grow up with low self-esteem because of not feeling able to do things.

As you can see, there are too many negative consequences when children are overprotected in any way, even if only by doing things for them. Children must always be helped to be more independent and this work must begin at home, in the family nucleus. Then I'm going to give you 5 tips so you can use them with your children starting today.

1. Giving children independence does not mean not helping them. Children need the support of their parents unconditionally, but guiding and supporting them does not mean doing everything for them. Therefore, it is necessary to help the children in such a way that little by little the help is withdrawn and so that they can carry out the action themselves. Rules and limits at home are helpful.

2. Let him explore from a young age. When children are young they really want to discover the world and this should not be self-conscious. Let him explore at home with the appropriate security systems and in case he might hurt himself, set very clear limits.

3. Allow your child to make decisions. This is the basis of critical thinking, it is clear that parents will often make decisions, but there are aspects in which children can make decisions, such as wearing one clothing and not another. In this way children can begin to understand the consequences of their actions and thus will learn and grow internally.

4. Teach and guide him. It is important that when he has to learn to do something, you first teach him how to do it with patience and love. Divide the actions into small steps if necessary so that he internalizes it sooner and better.

5. Let me help you with simple household chores. Children love to help (from a very young age), so you must strengthen this desire so that it does not get lost along the way and give it the opportunity to feel useful and necessary and thus as it grows you can give it greater responsibilities.

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