Cat and mouse Classic game for kids

Cat and mouse Classic game for kids

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Many of the traditional games that we know today they are thanks to the school stage. At school, teachers use these types of hobbies to foster relationships between children and instill in them team work and collaboration.

In we have remembered the game of 'Cat and mouse', a very fun hobby that can be played both outdoors and indoors. In addition, this type of game serves as an exercise for children's psychomotor skills, hence it is a very useful tool for physical education teachers.

The game of 'Cat and mouse' It is a children's pastime to play in a group. The rules consist of making a circle among all the participants holding hands.

Two children will be chosen at random, although previously it can be drawn to see who the lucky ones are. One of these two children will play the role of cat and the other the role of mouse.

Once chosen, the children in the group will have to sing the following song: 'Mouse that catches you, mouse that will catch you, if it doesn't catch you tonight, tomorrow it will catch you.'

While the song is playing, the mouse will run zig-zagging through the gaps formed between the arms of the participants.

Meanwhile, the cat will have to chase him, but the participants will lower their arms and will not let him pass, although he can sneak between the holes, as long as he does not break them when passing.

When the cat touches the mouse, the game will end and then the mouse will become the cat and choose a person to play the mouse.

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