Will the Magi bring coal to your children?

Will the Magi bring coal to your children?

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Armed with the umbrella and the ladder, the parents will go this afternoon to our indisputable appointment with the Cavalcade of the Magi from the East, if we do not want to put on a family show.

On a day like today, there are no excuses. It is not worth saying that it is going to rain, it is the same, we put on the raincoat, we put on the hood and we take the umbrella, which today will fulfill a double function: on the one hand, it will shelter us from the rain and, if we put it on the In reverse, it will help us collect candy.

It is essential to also take the ladder to avoid the typical cervical contracture, which after the Three Kings Parade, hits our back and collapses the consultations of the neighborhood physiotherapists.

Climbed to the last step of the helpful staircase, our children and their friends will be able to see, from the highest point, the magic of the Parade without losing detail, before the tranquility of their suffering parents who, on this occasion, will congratulate themselves for having except his rear.

This year, between the inclement weather and the crisis, in short, with which it is falling, we had better all behave well, we usually say before leaving home to our offspring, because if not, the Magi will bring us coal .

Between smiles and fear of the memory, children tend to rush to say that they have been good, before the memory of their parents counts and begins to remember mischief aloud, that the Magi can hear now that they are so close.

What would the parents be without coal? That sticky black candy we ring threateningly to correct our children's negative behavior.

But what is coal, a threat or a reality? Many children do not know it, what is it like, what does it taste like ...? They ask. And it is that in this society, on the day of the Parade, there is no place for uncomfortable questions or to suffer.

How can you spoil a moment of family happiness like the morning of Three Kings Day with the opening of a sack of coal? For many parents, coal is not only a punishment for their children, but also for them, because they will lose the shine that the excited eyes give off from their offspring and will see tears instead.

Coal, a black scourge in the mouth of parents, serves to offer the other side of the coin to the most magical night of the year. The illusion is stronger than ever when you tell them that it is time to go to sleep because the Magi pass after midnight, only if the children of the house are asleep, and they ask again: do you think my letter has reached them? ? Will you bring me everything I have asked for?

Of course, you have not been bad at all, nor good at all either, of course! Like all children ... because we all make mistakes and you, who are a child, have to learn from each one of them to be better every day. Toys and coal, one of lime and another of sand.

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