Eyes of a baby - why a week-old newborn baby book?

Eyes of a baby - why a week-old newborn baby book?

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Does a child of several weeks need books? Many people are skeptical. Opponents of buying unnecessary gadgets too early emphasize that contrasting drawings on rigid bristol can be made by placing them in a baby's cot. However, it is immediately worth noting that not all young parents, burdened with new responsibilities, have time for this. That is why the series "Eyes of a Maluszka" from Sierra Madre publishing fills the gap and does it in a perfect way.

First books

Most parents in the first weeks of life greet guests coming to see a new family member, picking up stuffed animals, rattles, and teethers from them. The idea of ​​giving a 'paper' book is not very popular. And in this it would be worth looking for the advantages of such a proposal as the reviewed one. Appearing in a newborn with one of the books from the series "Eyes of a toddler" can be an interesting and original solution that will certainly arouse the interest of ... newly baked parents. Baby About it below.

There are not many booklets on the Polish market with contrasting colors and simple shapes. However, foreign stores present a much wider selection. Also because the history of this type of release is much richer there. Our neighbors got acquainted with contrasting illustrations for children in the 70s of the last century. In Poland, the first publications of this type began to appear in 2010.

Rather to ... place in a cot

Books from the series "Eyes of a baby" are to support building relationships between a parent / guardian and a child. And there is no exaggeration in this formulation, because every moment spent with a child that pleases adults and toddlers is very valuable. If, on the other hand, parents like books and are convinced that they should be used to support their child's development from the very first moments, they will definitely find the purchase of one of the proposals from the series "Eyes of a toddler" justified.
The booklet can be put in a cot. You can also watch her together with your little one. Note, however, for those who are sure that in this way the toddler will learn about the shapes known from the immediate environment ... because they may fail. In the series, the baby will come across pictures: a snail, elephant, scooter, kite, horse, kangaroo - some of them are far from simple forms and take into account a whole lot of details.

Necessary help?

Although we can not consider the series "Eyes of a baby" as a proposal necessary for the development of the child, but in our opinion it is worth attention, under certain conditions, as described below.

It is worth starting with the lack of unequivocal research results that would suggest that the child needs books to develop eyesight and that such proposals are liked by babies. Most scientists note that a newborn baby after birth prefers illustrations in two contrasting colors, but at the same time the results of the research they refer to indicate that the child after birth especially likes to stare at the faces of people close to him.

Therefore, the product is absolutely not necessary and necessary in the purchase for parents who care about the future of the toddler. What is certain, however, is that excellent workmanship (thick varnished cardboard), an interesting idea and form allow us to evaluate baby books positively.

They are the answer to the needs of parents of young children. They allow you to cope with what many of them are unable to face quickly: the prospect of days that do not differ from each other and pass on the same activities.

Books for babies allow you to spend time in a more attractive way, connecting the world of adults and children. They are an interesting proposition that stands out in the world of colorful stuffed animals, teethers, rattles, playing music boxes or moving carousels. And for these reasons you can recommend them!


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