Latin American Christmas carols

Latin American Christmas carols

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The Christmas songs they are also part of a culture. There are many different Christmas carols depending on the country of origin of the song. Latin American Christmas carols are characterized by being songs with a lot of rhythm and usually very lively. offers you a selection of different Christmas carols from different Latin American countries, with the lyrics, so you can sing them with your children at Christmas.

Here you have a fantastic selection of Latin American Christmas carols, with its lyrics so that you can sing them with your children in front of the nativity scene. Very animated Christmas carols and some more serene. My Sabanero burrito, the Yaucano Christmas Carol, Vuela la Paloma ... Do you know them?

Carol Yaucano. Christmas songs: Yaucano Christmas carol. our site selected the best Christmas carols and songs for the whole family to enjoy a joyful and lively Christmas night: Merry Christmas.

My Sabanero burrito. Christmas songs: My sabanero burrito. Christmas songs to sing with the children. Christmas carols with lyrics for children. Christmas Song My burrito sabanero.

The inns. Here you have the lyrics of a popular Christmas carol of Mexican origin to sing as a family: Las Posadas. Lyrics of the Christmas carol Las Posadas to sing at Christmas.

Huachi Torito. Huachito Torito is a very popular Christmas carol in Peru. We offer you the lyrics of the Christmas carol so that you can sing it with your children. Christmas carol lyrics Juachi Torito.

Doña María I beg you. Lyrics of the Christmas carol originating in Chile 'Doña María I beg you'. Chilean Christmas carol to sing with the children at Christmas. Latin American Christmas carols lyrics.

Two pieces of wood. Here you have the lyrics and music of the Paraguayan Christmas carol Two pieces of wood, a very lively Christmas carol, ideal for singing with children at Christmas.

The white dove. The White dove. Christmas carol letter for children. Videos and lyrics of Christmas songs to sing as a family with the children. Traditional Christmas carol for children.

Tutaina. Lyrics of the Colombian Christmas carol Tutaina for children. our site follows the lyrics of the most traditional and popular Christmas songs to celebrate Christmas with children and family, around the manger. Learn the lyrics of Tutaina to teach it to your children.

Fly the pigeon. Vuela la Paloma is a very popular Christmas carol in Latin America. A carol with a lot of rhythm and joy to sing as a family on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day.

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