Does the newborn baby eat?

Does the newborn baby eat?

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Many parents are worried about the infant eating enough. Especially if the baby is sucking his breast and it is impossible to assess exactly how much milk he eats in this way. In addition, anxiety can be aggravated by silly comments from loved ones, suggesting that every cry or dissatisfaction of the child is certainly a signal that the child is hungry. Young mothers still often hear that "they probably do not have enough milk", that it is "too thin, not valuable". This can give rise to anxiety. Therefore, it is worth ensuring peace of mind by answering the following questions.

  • What does intuition tell us? It is worth listening to yourself and observing the child instead of suggesting the opinion of people who see the child fleetingly.
  • Is the baby happy after feeding?
  • Do you feed your baby at least 8 times a day in the first month of life? Usually, this number of feeds is a minimum because of the small stomach of the child.
  • Do we feel that the child is sucking effectively?, and we lose milk from our breasts (with time during breastfeeding this can be easily assessed)?
  • Does the newborn sleep 1-2 hours between feeding?
  • How often does the child urinate? Diapers should be wet 6 to 8 times a day. Then you can be sure that your child receives enough fluid.
  • How many times has a bowel movement? It is worth remembering that in the first days an infant can poop up to 10 times a day to give it back once a day after a few weeks. This pattern can change a lot.
  • Has your child reached birth weight? Most often this is possible in the second week of life. Immediately after delivery, the baby gives away fluids, meconium and thus lose weight. They are signed out with a lower weight than on the day of delivery. In the third week they usually gain weight.