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Play2learn sorter

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The toy is not available in Poland. At least I couldn't find her in any Polish online store. And good. Let's protect Polish children against such proposals. They are better and more interesting. This one deserves a weak three!

We received a sorter as a gift. It is intended for children over one year. In general, the design seems interesting. The six cubed walls may convince an adult to buy. Less child to play.

On the four walls there are shapes "outlined" with different colors. Individual blocks were selected taking into account the diversity criterion - from the shape reminiscent of a duck, bunny, through circles, squares, and ending with numbers. There is a clock on one of the walls. Setting the hands at 12 o'clock opens the entire structure and allows you to get inside. One wall is occupied by buttons (two of them trigger a pop-up bear), two more squeak. Next is the "telephone" handset located on a short string. Difficult to play because of the string. However, structurally justified from a security point of view.

Why putty

The sorter is big and heavy. A toddler who wants to lift it (and will certainly want to lift it) has a problem with that.
The blocks have been adjusted so that smaller ones fall out of the larger holes (adapted for larger blocks) when being moved.
A hidden carrying handle makes it difficult to position the sorter on the wall on which it is located.
The buttons that are to squeak must be pressed firmly for them to work. In our model, they stopped working after a few months.
The stickers on the blocks are quite shoddy, they easily peel off.
Sorter has a lot of holes, which on the one hand gives a lot of possibilities, but on the other it is too complicated for a toddler.
When moving, the pads make a lot of noise in the ankle.
In our case, after the ankle fell, the movable wall fell off. Although it was possible to attach it, this fact revealed the weakness of the structure.
Very subjective reason - apart from the headphones and squeaking buttons, the daughter did not even try to play with the blocks, matching them to the holes. Clearly encouraged, she showed little enthusiasm. She plays with a different sorter by herself.
There are other sorters on the market - better and more suited to the needs of young children. We do not recommend this product!