Judgment on the current education of children

Judgment on the current education of children

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Albert Einstein He once said: 'Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.' In this way begins a controversial video that makes us reflect on the way to educate children in schools today, in the XXI century.

Mass education, not personalized, anchored in the past... this is how this video defines education in schools today. The accused: education (not teachers). The victim: the children. Do not miss details of the arguments and the accusatory evidence.

'Tell me school: are you proud of the things you have done, turning millions of people into robots?' In the ad, the accusation is relentless: today's school is not able to bring out the best in every child. It does not attend to the needs of each person, nor does it value the individual virtues of each one. Today's school continues to be locked into the last century, educating children for the past, not for the present or for the future.

1. Mass education: 'I accuse you of killing creativity, individuality ...' 'Any scientist will tell you that no two brains are alike. And any parent with two or more children can confirm it. So please explain to me why you treat the students like they are a cookie frame.

2. Education based on past needs: 'In more than a century, nothing has changed ... so I must ask: do you prepare children for the future or for the past?

3. Underpaid teachers: 'Teachers have the most important job on the planet and yet it is poorly paid. No wonder so many students don't get their fair share. Teachers should charge as much as doctors, because a doctor can do heart surgery and save a child, but the teacher can reach into the heart of that child and allow it to really live. '

4. Use of standardized tests: Do you think that by putting a question with multiple answers you can determine the level of success? That's crazy! Even the inventor of these tests himself said: 'These tests are too underdeveloped to be used and should be abandoned'.

5. Too many duties and competition among children: 'In countries like Finland, things are already changing ... the school day is shortened, no more homework, they bet on collaboration between children instead of competitiveness ... and this educational system performs above all other countries '.

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