Changes in libido during pregnancy

Changes in libido during pregnancy

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For many pregnant women, sexual desire comes and goes throughout the pregnancy. Although other expectant mothers keep their libido intact and can have satisfying sex until the day before delivery, for others sex takes a backseat before holding their baby. In We found the answer to the changes and ups and downs of libido during pregnancy.

- First trimester of pregnancy. The discomfort of the first three months of pregnancy is evident to many women as soon as they find out that they are expecting a baby. Nausea and vomiting, swelling in the breasts and abdomen, or psychological changes may affect during the first trimester to future moms. However, for many women the first few months are the best when it comes to maintaining a good sexual performance, since the belly is not yet voluminous and no obvious changes in the body. However, for a few weeks pregnant, the moment of intercourse can mean a problem due to the fear of a miscarriage, as well as a greater sensitivity of the breasts, which makes the moment of sex more annoying.

- Second trimester of pregnancy. Arrived in the middle of the gestation, the libido has a very sudden change in the second trimester of pregnancy. In a few weeks of gestation where the pregnant woman is already more aware not only physically, but also psychologically of what is happening, the libido can even shoot up to rise much more than before the pregnancy. Vaginal lubrication is much greater and natural, so arousal is also more likely and orgasms can lead to much more satisfying vaginal contractions, so despite having a larger belly, many women do not feel bloated and they want to be able to have sex regularly.

- Third trimester of pregnancy. In the final stretch of gestation before holding the baby in her arms, libido once again hits a significant drop. The heaviness of fluid retention, together with a large volume of a belly between seven and nine months, make difficult not only sexual intercourse but also the freedom of movement of the mother herself. This makes sexual desire take a back seat, as fatigue is also established in the day to day.

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