How do you find a good pediatrician?

How do you find a good pediatrician?

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A good pediatrician is a treasure. A specialist who has extensive knowledge, a lot of experience and is distinguished by internal peace and at the same time has excellent contact with the child is a doctor who, unfortunately, is considered an "exception". Still, for your own peace and comfort of the whole family, it is worth doing everything to make the chosen doctor the best possible. To the extent we can afford: privately or publicly.

Family doctor or pediatrician?

For now, parents have a choice: they can decide whether the child (even the youngest) will be looked after by a family doctor (the first contact, treating the whole family) or a pediatrician, i.e. a specialist educating in a strictly defined scope: in childcare and having inevitably (at least theoretically ) the greatest knowledge in this field.
It is difficult to advise any choice, because, as usual, it turns out that everything depends on the individual and his approach to his duties.

Private or state pediatrician?

Not everyone can make decisions in this regard, because simply in the world not everyone can afford the use of private medical care. However, this form has many advantages. It allows for unlimited choice, certainty that in case of need a specialist who knows the child well will answer the phone even in the middle of the night, or will come for a home visit. On the other hand, however, with the use of state specialist care, you can go to a 24-hour outpatient clinic or call a hospital in case of an emergency, where you will receive information on what to do in difficult situations.
Some combine these two solutions: they use "free" care on a daily basis, and in emergency situations they contact a private doctor. This is also a solution. Just like this, to ask the host specialist in private and public for "after hours" help.

Ask the obstetrician

If we are satisfied with the care of the gynecologist during pregnancy, it is good to ask him about the focus on a good pediatrician. At the same time, we have a chance that he will send us to a specialist with similar views and a similar lifestyle, which during doctor's visits in the first years of a child's life (usually quite frequent), can be of considerable importance.

Ask friends and acquaintances

Friends' recommendations can be very valuable. First of all, because they come from first hand and are the most reliable. If we do not have the opportunity to hear the experiences of loved ones, it is good to get the knowledge of young mothers and daddies on the playground, in the park or on a walk.

Check the internet

It is worth writing down a few names of doctors whom we take into account and check the opinions about them in an internet search engine. All rankings, forum posts or even answers to questions given by a specialist can be valuable.
Note, however, that it makes no sense to treat the internet as a source of absolute knowledge. Many online reviews can be exaggerated and unsupported. It's easy to post online unfair judgments ...

Define your expectations

If we don't know what we're looking for, we probably won't find it. It seems obvious, but many parents can't tell which features are most important to them. Therefore, before we start looking for a doctor, it is worth talking to your partner about what is important to us, what we do not accept, what approach we have to vaccinations, giving antibiotics, supporting child development, etc.

Search nearby

You can feel during pregnancy that you do not leave the doctor's office. However, this is only a foretaste of what awaits us later. Only with a small child can we be sure that our visits to the clinic will be very frequent: whether during vaccination, check-ups or diseases. Therefore, for your own convenience, it is worth choosing a specialist who receives near our place of residence.
However, note: Rejonization does not exist. You don't have to sign up to a specialist who receives you at your nearest clinic!


The easiest way to assess whether a pediatrician is suitable for caring for your child is to go to the office and see a specialist at work. Age is not important (a good pediatrician will be up to date regardless of age), gender, and place of admission. Something else counts.
It is good to pay attention to whether the doctor cares about the comfort of his little patient, whether he is patient, whether the child responds well to him. As parents, your feelings are also important: do you feel uncomfortable in the office, whether the doctor answers all your questions, or convinces you as a specialist. A lot of intuition during the first contact.
However, this method has some disadvantages ... Sometimes it takes a few attempts to find "the" doctor who we entrust with childcare.

Can he admit ignorance?

A good doctor is not the one who acts as if he has eaten all his brains, but one who can admit that his knowledge is not comprehensive.
A good specialist will send to a lactation consultant, commission a consultation with another specialist, he will not save on referrals to specialist clinics, share valuable addresses, telephone numbers or send to a good book. He is a doctor who understands his role well and listens to what his parents tell him. No one knows the child better than his mother or dad .... A good pediatrician does not forget about it.