Hitting children only teaches them to be afraid

Hitting children only teaches them to be afraid

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Until recently hitting a child, giving him a slap, a slap, a pinch, or even a slap, was seen as something normal by society in a general way. For years, hitting was part of the routine of most families and schools.

Many parents today will no longer be remembered of the cheeks that their parents gave themBecause if they did they would see that they have not been of any use to them, they have not educated them, they have only taught them to be afraid.

Despite the fact that psychologists repeat over and over again that violence is not justified, and even less when it is directed at a defenseless being and who is in inferiority of both physical and intellectual conditions, that hitting children is often an outlet or the shortest way for parents who do not know or cannot educate, many parents continue to insist on it.

Pediatricians at the Gutiérrez hospital, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, conducted a study among the families of children between 1 and 5 years of age, who were hospitalized, and concluded that 68 percent of them still use the cheek as a method of discipline with their children. Not only do they understand that physical punishment is synonymous with discipline, but many reproduce their own story. Forty-one percent of the parents admitted that they had been beaten up.

Although most parents have been unable to control themselves and slapped their son, hitting to educate is not the solution. For psychologists it is not effective or the famous 'slap in time', given to scare and alert the child. Children cannot be beaten up.

By hitting, slapping, pinching or pulling the hair of a child for misbehaving, they only teach them to be afraid of being hit again, but do not make them reflect, understand and recognize that what they did was wrong. For example, when a child is taught to eat slowly, it is explained to him that if he eats fast, his tummy may hurt, and not that "if you don't eat well, I'll hit you." When this child is not watched by his father or mother, he will do whatever he wants. The psychologists who participated in the study agree that when parents hit the buttock of their child it is because they have not been able to teach the limits with reason and logic. They have not had enough patience or persistence to do it. They may not believe that these routes are possible and even less so if your child is young.

According to the American Pediatric Association guide, a baby under 18 months does not understand the connection between a slap and bad behavior. Aggression, abuse, as well as blows of all kinds, only generate consequences on the psychological level of the little ones who, sooner or later may present problems such as violent and aggressive reactions, inability to defend themselves, low self-esteem, difficulties in relating, lack of communication with their parents, lying to avoid punishment, etc. They will feel and will always be victims of the rudeness of their parents.

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