Why many women get prettier in pregnancy

Why many women get prettier in pregnancy

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How beautiful you are, you are radiant! This could be one of the most common phrases that a pregnant woman can hear throughout pregnancy. The hormonal changes They can cause discomfort, but also obvious physical changes that round out the body and enhance aspects such as the luminosity of the skin, the shine of the hair or more generous breasts or lips. In We discovered what makes a woman more beautiful during pregnancy.

- Skin
The hormones They are in charge of making changes in the dermis during pregnancy. Although some women experience a lot of discomfort, such as loosening of the skin, the appearance of stretch marks or cellulite, many others manage to boast a more beautiful complexion than ever. Hormonal variations are what provide that different 'light' to the face of the future mother, which is responsible for this effect 'how radiant you are' what others see.

- Hair
Something similar happens with hair, since although many moms see how it weakens after giving birth, they have also been able to experience the fact of having voluminous and strong hair during pregnancy. Again it is the hormones that work the miracle, since it is these that are acquired with the fact of being pregnant that make the hair not only grow faster, but also more strong, healthy and shiny. Taking good care of it during pregnancy is necessary so that afterwards it remains as well as possible.

- Chest
Although it does not happen to all pregnant women, many do experience an obvious increase in breast size during pregnancy. Hormones are once again the protagonists of this increase in size, which makes the pregnant is attractive, because it can have a more generous and rounded neckline, although much more sensitive. This also helps your body look more curvy from the outside and causes that beautifying feeling.

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