The best posture for a woman during pregnancy

The best posture for a woman during pregnancy

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Back pain is the discomfort that women complain about the most when they are pregnant, especially when their weight as well as the volume of the belly are more considerable, that is, from the fifth month of pregnancy.

The uterus is enlarged and the woman's natural lean forward it makes her have to involve her back more to keep her balance. That is why it is so important that from the first month of pregnancy, the woman begins to take care of and strengthen her back, and to have correct posture habits appropriate to her condition. As pregnancy progresses, a woman's body undergoes many changes that end up altering her shape and disposition to walk, exercise, sit ...

Good posture will make the back hurt as little as possible in both the lumbar and cervical, and the woman can stay upright and feel stronger. For it, it is advisable for her to follow some postural recommendations from the first month of pregnancy.

- Keep your back straight and the head held forward, as if the head were pulled upwards with an imaginary rope, when walking.

- Distribute the weight of the body between the two legs, when standing and standing. When being in this position for a long time, it is advisable to support one leg on a chair or stool, to relieve the tension on the back.

- Bend your knees and position one leg in front of the other, when you have to bend down to pick up something on the floor, sweep or vacuum, etc., and at the same time keep your back as upright as possible.

- Keep your back very close to the side of the chair or saddle, and with your feet resting on the floor or on a stool, when you have to spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer or television. Avoid crossing your legs and don't forget to lift occasionally.

- To do physical exercises. Gymnastics, yoga, Pilates ... in addition to Kegel or aquatic exercises, are highly recommended for women during pregnancy, as long as they do not represent risks to their health and have the approval of the doctor.

- Lie on your side, especially to the left side, at bedtime. This position favors circulation and prevents discomfort such as swelling. Change your position when you get tired, just avoiding sleeping on your belly.

- For tasks that require many movements, ask family and friends for help and collaboration. If you can afford it, get a good body massage to relieve tension and stress.

- Lie on your back bending your legs On the tummy is a good position to relieve back pain at the end of the day.

- On a rug, you can lean on one side. Raising the upper leg in a controlled manner and making circles with the feet, promotes circulation and relieves cramps.

- Choose comfortable and suitable clothes for pregnancy. Maternity pants that have an elastic band are very good for keeping your abdomen firm and thus helping you maintain correct posture.

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