How to silence a tired baby?

How to silence a tired baby?

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The saying "sleeps like a baby" probably fell from the mouth of daddy who was absent from the family's life, who looked at his sleepy wife in disbelief, not understanding why she is tired, since the child is already sleeping. It doesn't matter if she screamed for an hour before and gave a concert for the whole house at night ... He didn't hear it.

How much does an infant sleep?

Children don't care about statistics. They don't know any standards. They sleep, at least at the beginning, when they want and how they want. Even when they learn to sleep all night, there will always be some "buts" that will knock them out of this track: this is teething, and this is a cold, stuffy nose, three days, day full of excitement, developmental leap, first step ... The list is far too long.

Parents' role is to have several reliable ways to sleep. And that no one works always and sometimes even if you get up on your head, your child must shout out and grumble, that's another story ... You have to try.

What do we have in store as parents? x-rays the most popular methods.


Rocking is a natural movement for an infant. Children want to be rocking.

Some of them sway themselves. Younger babies, if they are tired, vigorously twist the head from one side to the other, so that the world swirls in front of them and lets them fall asleep.

Older people tend to walk on the bed or throw a pillow from the quilt and vice versa. This movement does not end at the stage of falling asleep. It also lasts at night, when the little ones "wander" in this way throughout the bed, lying and waking up in quite surprising positions. Some children even hit their heads against the sides of the bed. Everything to put your body in natural rocking.

Although some parents' swinging of their child may be worried, in the overwhelming majority of cases this is not a disturbing symptom. Most often it passes until the child reaches the age of two.

Key question: how or how to rock? Shoulders and walking around the room with a cuddly toddler seem natural. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it may seem! To find out what the seriousness of the problem is, just read the first better forum for parents, where many tired moms are looking for help, how to wean an 8-9-10-month-old child, or even older than rocking.

Sleeping a baby in his arms is not only a quick and effective method, it is also a very nice "technique" that does not carry large "threats", if combined with another. Otherwise - if it is not the only way to lull you to sleep - in the future you can simply go from wearing to learning to fall asleep in your own cot.

If we accept other solutions, it's worth trying them out. Saving your own spine from the beginning and hugging your child to sleep wisely. For this we suggest a cradle or sit in a rocking chair (on a swivel chair).

Driving a car

Stories of parents circling with a child in a car are so popular that in many circles they become a standard or often repeated anecdote. Nothing unusual. The car is able to put not only a baby, but also many adults into sleep.

But is it worth choosing a car as a reliable way to sleep?

The answer is simple: yes, if we reconcile the time of departure wisely with the child's nap time. Not if driving before bedtime becomes a ritual.

It is worth getting in the car when other ways fail, and we are already very tired of the child's scream. However, let's follow our intuition and do not abuse this method, thus making the baby dependent on falling asleep in a car seat. We will go bankrupt not only on gas, we will also provide the child with intermittent sleep (once the child needs to be moved to bed) or in the case of a nap - sleep in an uncomfortable position.


Some babies love swings, others hate them. There are specialists (e.g. Paweł Zawitkowski) who condemn every sway (except swaying in the arms). The editors of believe that any method, if not abused, can save the well-being of parents for several weeks, when the toddler has trouble falling asleep, and for that reason, it is worth considering using a swing to silence the child.

Nothing will happen when an older infant falls asleep in his swing. On the other hand, sleeping in this position is not always comfortable. If we choose a swing, we must reckon with the fact that after falling asleep the child's head will fall to the side or forward, which more sensitive child can wake up or even cause pain.

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