5 signs of infertility in women and men

5 signs of infertility in women and men

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The first sign of infertility in a couple is having sex without the use of contraception for a year and not achieving a pregnancy. But some signs in men and women can tell us where the problem may be and detect it early, in order to start the appropriate treatment.

We bring you the 5 most frequent signs of male and female infertility. It is recommended that both men and women get involved and watch each other. If they have one of these signs, they should see their doctor.

1. Excessive bleeding and menstrual cramps: If your periods are very painful and with a lot of flow, you could be suffering from endometriosis, one of the most common causes of infertility. This condition occurs when the tissue of the walls of the uterus it expands outside of them.

2. Infrequent periods:Poor or irregular periods and little bleeding may indicate a problem with ovulation that may be preventing conception.

3. Acne, excessive hair and irregular periods:If you begin to have these changes, you could have polycystic ovaries, a condition in which the small follicles of the ovaries do not develop until they mature, preventing the fertilization.

4. Narrow hip: A hip that is too narrow has always been associated with infertility problems. It is said that it also makes feeding difficult for the fetus during pregnancy.

5. Miscarriages: Despite the fact that 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, having repeated pregnancy losses is considered a sign of infertility associated with genetic conditions or problems in the reproductive system of women.

1. Testicular pain or discomfort: These discomforts in the male genital region are associated with the disease of varicocele and they can represent more than 15 percent of infertility cases in men.

2. Body hair loss and voice change in men:Nine percent of infertility cases in men are associated with hypogonadism, testicular dysfunction due to the decrease in the hormone testosterone in men.

3. Problems of sexual function: Male difficulty getting an erection, premature ejaculation and decreased sexual desire can prevent pregnancy. The man who presents these conditions can attribute them to stress but if they are looking for a son they should ask if there is anything else.

4. Previous problems or surgeries in testicles, prostate or genital area: Any previous surgery or problems in the testicles and prostate may be preventing the release of healthy sperm necessary for a conception.

5. Sudden changes in the genital area: Presence of dilated veins, inflammations and bulges, may be indicative of problems in that area such as an obstruction, which could be preventing the normal passage of sperm and their arrival in the woman's body for the fertilization.

There are also other signs that are common to both genders such as obesity and lack of libido or sexual desire. There are habits that prevent you from conceiving, such as excessive caffeine consumption, smoking, and a poor diet. If you have any concerns, we invite you to consult with your trusted doctor and open dialogue with your couple on these issues.

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