Parents must explain to their children that they are adopted

Parents must explain to their children that they are adopted

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We know what the adoptive parents When did your children start asking how they were born? if they moved in their mother's belly, or if they already knew what sex they were before they were born. I think many will not know what to say. That is why I think it is very important to explain to them what adoption is as soon as possible.

I always thought that adoption was just a way, a way by which one can becomeson or father, the same thing that happens by the biological path. It is the same, and I say it with knowledge of the subject. The child who is cared for, educated, cared for and who feels loved by his parents, does not have to feel different from a biological child. What is it that differentiates them? his blood? The inheritance of their physical features? They do differ, although I think that these are not the differences that attract children's attention. And yes, the way they are cared for and cared for within a family.

Thanks to the large number of adopted children, there are more and more children's stories, as well as adult books that deal with the subject. The last one that I just received is from María Ángeles Fernández. Coinciding with the title of her work, the author says that 'Adoption is an encounter with life' not only of the adopted child but also of their parents. In it he explains the process of "gestation"From the moment you decide to adopt until the long-awaited meeting occurs, without theories or rules, and as an act of love.

It talks about the red tape, the time, the wishes of the parents, and the adoption by gay parents. The author writes the book in the first person, but not as an exclusively personal experience. It includes testimonials from adoptive parents and adopted children, from psychologists and pediatricians.

She believes, like me, that parents should explain to their children that they are adopted, but not by law. The law should not intervene so much in the family, as the Generalitat intends. Each case is different. Parents are mature enough to know when and how to tell them and explain who they are and where they come from, but naturally.

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