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Top 3 ingredients to enhance fertility

Top 3 ingredients to enhance fertility

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Good quality food has a direct impact on our health. Unfortunately, widely available products differ and many of them reduce fertility. Avoiding pesticides, synthetic additives and chemicals helps to avoid the havoc effect on the body. It is also very important from the point of view of hormonal economy. Chemical compounds commonly added to animals affect the quality of meat, milk and eggs and have a specific impact on the functioning of the hormone-sensitive system.

What to eat to improve fertility? The list is quite long. However, three products are particularly recommended. It is worth remembering them, when for a long time unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child.

Linseed for fertility

Linseed is rich in valuable omega-3 fatty acids, also contains large amounts of vitamin B, manganese and magnesium. However, it is especially appreciated for lignans, i.e. delicate phytoestrogens that block the effects of fertility. This is how flaxseed favors maintaining hormonal balance and helps improve fertility.

If we want the best effect, it is recommended consuming two teaspoons of linseed each day. However, before you eat the seeds, grind them to improve their absorption. This is very important because it avoids the situation when linseed passes through the digestive system and is excreted undigested.

Linseed you can add to flakes eaten with milk, milkshakes, salad sauces. It is not advisable to add linseed to cooked dishes, because in this way the ingredient loses any properties.

Sprouts for fertility

Germinating grains, legumes and seeds are a valuable ingredient that should be included in the diet, not only at the stage of trying to have a baby. Chinese medicine gives them special significance, which indicates the high energy of jing. However, focusing on more rational justifications: sprouts help strengthen the alkaline environment conducive to fertilization.

Goji berries

Goji berries are small red fruits that are considered a traditional Chinese herb. They can be purchased whole or dried. They resemble raisins. Goji berries are a valuable source of antioxidants. Studies have proven that they increase the number of spermatozoa and allow faster development of follicles in women. Goji berries can be purchased at health food stores.

Based on "How Children Are Made" by Sami S. David, Jill Blakeway


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