Homemade chilaquiles. Mexican recipe for the whole family

Homemade chilaquiles. Mexican recipe for the whole family

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If there is a popular recipe in Mexico that is chilaquiles, a nutritious dish based on tortilla chips (nachos) and green sauce that can be enjoyed at any time.

If your kids like cheese, it is a fantastic opportunity to introduce some vegetables, since the green sauce is made based on tomatillos, typical Mexican tomatoes.

  • Totopos (nachos)
  • Cilantro
  • Chopped onion
  • Cream (or cream)
  • Cheese to melt (guajaca type)
  • Tomatillos and serrano pepper or jalapeños to make the green sauce

How to make the chilaquiles, step by step

1. Mash the tomatillos and add a little serrano pepper or jalapeños. Prepare the green sauce with this mixture (it has to boil for at least 40 minutes).

2. Add the chips to the green sauce and stir well. Make sure the chips are not too hard or too soft.

3. Add the cheese and stir so that it melts well. You can also cover it for 30 seconds so that the cheese melts well.

4. Take out on a plate or a platter and top with a little chopped onion, a little coriander and a drizzle of cream or cream.

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