Why should we not take away their object of attachment from children

Why should we not take away their object of attachment from children

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Many children and babies have a fetish object that they do not separate or lose sight of at any time. For some it is a bear, for others a doll, a blanket, a pillow, a cushion ...

They are objects of comfort that they need, above all, to feel safe and accompany them during their childhood. Maybe one day they will forget about them or not, but we must not make the mistake of removing them from your life.

The object of attachment is usually very important for the child, sometimes we do not realize it and we downplay it. It may already be broken, old, bitten, drooled, or ugly but the child takes it everywhere or just looks for it when it needs comforting. It is an object that the child has chosen to accompany him.

My youngest son, who is now 2 years old, is the only one of my 3 children who has had an object of attachment. It is a pillow that he carries from one side to the other at home, on many occasions he leaves it and forgets it, but suddenly, it jumps like a spring and runs for it. You use it to sleep, when you feel tired or if you are not feeling very well.

On occasion, I have heard a mother say that children must be taken away when they are no longer babies, however, I do not agree with this statement. I think it should be the child himself who decides when he is ready to leave it or can even keep it forever, what is wrong? On the contrary, it helps you because:

- It brings you security and comfort.

- It is stimulating the ability to establish affective bonds.

- Reminds you of your family, parents and home by what links you with your environment.

- They are not a sign of weakness or harm the development and maturity of the child.

- They help the child to express his emotions.

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