Saint Robert's Day, September 17. Names for boys

Saint Robert's Day, September 17. Names for boys

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Roberto is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'illustrious for his fame'. It is one of the frequent names that has not lost any freshness despite its long tradition.

Roberto may be the ideal name for your child, as he stands out for his nobility and for his familiarity. Celebrates his name day on September 17, which is the day of Santo Roberto Belarmino.

By the meaning of his name, Roberto implies an energetic and courageous character. Roberto is a charismatic person who knows how to win the affection and admiration of others based on his sympathy and his awakened intelligence. Roberto easily finds a solution to every problem and has no qualms about getting involved in the causes that he considers just. Family and friends alike are the ones who sustain Roberto's popularity.

The name Roberto is one of the frequent names today. Although it has been in use since ancient times, it is a name that has not fallen into disuse, partly thanks to the number of variants it offers. Robert, Rob, Robby, Robbie, Robin, Bob, Bobby or Robben. A long list of forms of a name that have been carried by kings and nobles since the most ancient times.

The amount of personalities we know by the name of your son is immense, thus giving an idea of ​​the great acceptance of the name. The legendary Robin Hood especially draws our attention, but there are many real and current characters. In music we have Robbie Williams and the legendary Bob Dylan and Robert Plant.

Y in the cinema we have a long list from Roberto, from the Italian director Roberto Rossellini to the popular actor Robert Pattinson, through Robert de Niro, Robert Downey Jr, Roberto Benigni or Robert Redford. For its part, the world of fashion also has two representatives of the name of your tall son, such as Roberto Cavalli and Roberto Verino.

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