What is Active Listening Parenting for Children

What is Active Listening Parenting for Children

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Many parents stoop every time they have to say something to their child. The goal is to catch up with them. They listen to him, look him in the eye and speak to him squatting. So does, for example, the Prince William of England, whom we see constantly stooping to talk to his son Jorge.

This, which at first may seem like an anecdote, is actually a parenting method. is named 'active listening'. We tell you what it consists of.

Prince william she does not hesitate to bend down every time she has to talk to her child. It is essential in the active listening method. But ... what exactly is it and what benefits does it have for children?

The parenting method of active listening, although it may seem novel, has been in use for more than 50 years. It was created in 1957 by two American psychologists: Carl Rogers and Richard E. Farson. Part of the idea that children do not understand (until approximately 12 years) the world of adults. For this reason, we adults must put ourselves on their level and try to understand theirs.

To use this method, it is essential parents to catch up with their young children every time they are asked a question and have to answer, and make eye contact with the little one once he is at your level.

Through this method, parents learn to listen to their child and understand much better what they are feeling and why they sometimes cry and kick at something.

However, one must be careful not to confuse this method with absolute freedom for the child. Parents are assertive but must not forget to set rules and limits.

This method serves to better understand children and empathize with them. It has all these advantages:

1. You strengthen the bond with your son.

2. It helps to understand children's tantrums.

3. Gives you authority and respect without instilling fear.

4. Children attend better and feel more confident.

5. Strengthens the child's self-esteem.

6. Develop empathy from a young age.

7. Parents they learn to understand how their children feel and to modify inappropriate behavior.

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