Promotions for parents and children

Promotions for parents and children

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What do supermarkets offer us this time - Tesco, Carrefour, Polo Marker, etc.? What products for children can you buy cheaper? Be sure to read the cheat sheet prepared by our promotion seeker!


  • nappies- We will get Pampers Mega Boxes at Carrefour for PLN 85 per pack. Calculated per diaper, art will amount to 57gr. In Real Diapers pampers 96, 82 and 68 pcs. you will get PLN 59.95 / pack. At Tesco for diapers Huggies super dry midi 80 pcs. we pay up to PLN 10 cheaper - PLN 39.99 and we can also take part in a competition in which you can win educational mats and self-propelled vacuum cleaners. Various packages of Bella Happy diapers are available in Real at PLN 34.99.
  • Wet wipes- We will pay PLN 7.99 for two packages of Huggies Pure wipes (2 × 64 pcs). In Real, Cleanic Dzidziuś wipes (6 × 72) you spend PLN 23.95. A double pack of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes (2 × 64) costs PLN 11.99 at the Polo Market.
  • Cosmetics- You can buy Bobini shampoos in 400ml bottles at Carrefour for PLN 5.99. In Real for 3 in 1 Bath Foam Johnson's Baby or Inte3nsywnei Caring Milk 300ml you will spend 11.11 PLN (former price 14.99 PLN).


  • Cheese, yogurt- At Carrefour you can buy Danonki in the half-and-half offer. You will pay PLN 8.69 for two fourfolds. In the same supermarket, you spend 4.39 PLN on 6 packages of Monte desserts after 55g. On the other hand, at Tesco, for 4 packages of 50g Danonków we will pay for PLN 1 cheaper, i.e. PLN 2.99. We will spend PLN 4.49 for a four pack of Danonków in Real (4x80g). At Polo Market you can save PLN 2 on eight Danonków packaging (8x75g) and pay PLN 6.99 in total.
  • Deserki- Two packages of BoboVita desserts after 125g you can buy for 3.99 PLN. In this promotion, you buy a second jar at Carrefour with a 50% discount. In Polo Market 125g. BoboVita desserts have been discounted from 3.19 PLN to 2.59 PLN / item.
  • Milk- We spend 25 PLN each for two packages of Nestle Junior milk of 350g each. In Real, Nan 2, 2R and 3 packaging cost PLN 14.95 / item.
  • Dinners and dishes- In Real for 190g BoboVita dinners you spend 4.19 PLN. 250g soups or DoReMi Gerber dinners at the Polo Market cost PLN 5.99 per jar.
  • juices- Winners of Kubuś juices in convenient plastic bottles are advised that they will pay only PLN 1.35 for a 300ml bottle in Carrefour.
  • porridge- Various types of BoboVita rice porridges are available at Carrefour at an attractive price - PLN 4.99 for 180g.


  • Books- World of vehicles, Ballet dancers, letters and other interesting readings you will get in Carrefour for PLN 4.99 per copy.
  • Supportive activity- Balls with pictures of your favorite Disney heroes will be purchased at Carrefour for PLN 5.99 / item. In the same supermarket you will get adjustable roller skates PLN 59.99 per pair.
  • vehicles- Light and colorful rides were an expense of PLN 34.99 in Carrefour. You will pay only PLN 99 for children's bikes, while the scooter will cost you PLN 24.99. At Tesco you will pay 129 PLN for a cross-country bike. A more expensive alternative to a traditional bicycle is buying in Real, where we will spend PLN 169 for such a vehicle.
  • For boys- Solid tipper trucks have been discounted at Tesco from PLN 119.99 to PLN 59.99.


  • Children's tableware- In Carrefour we will pay PLN 1.99 / item for porcelain bowls with paws and animal heads.


  • Carrefour children's bikes, price PLN 99
  • Huggies nappies, Tesco, PLN 39.99.
  • Desserts BoboVita 2x125g, Carrefour, price 3.99 PLN.

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