Favorite books of children ages 6-10

Favorite books of children ages 6-10

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The best way to encourage children to read is by offering books that really 'catch' them. That is to say: know their tastes and have a slight idea about what types of books may attract them depending on how old they are.

Choosing an age-appropriate book is essential. Do you know which are the favorites of children between 6 and 10 years old? Write down the tips of Sergio Diez, librarian at Brains International Schools.

At this age children they begin to show a little more laziness towards reading. In fact, many begin to choose the book depending on the thickness, the illustrations and the font size. Is it a fine book with many illustrations? Perfect! Is it a book with many pages? What laziness!

As if that were not enough, at this age school tasks related to reading begin to increase. This is why many children look a bit 'saturated'. What can we do to encourage them to keep reading at home? Choose books that meet these characteristics:

1. They must be books fundamentally fun.

2. They also really like the books they are beginning to integrate into their texts the phenomenon of magic and fantasy. Children at this age begin to need to 'escape' from reality. Fantasy is a great opportunity for them.

3. Much better for them a book of dragons and princesses than something real, like a football team.

4. Children of this age really like the mystery books. They are interested in limits, and they look for books that show a breaking of limits to check the consequences.

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