10 Nobel Prize names for boys

10 Nobel Prize names for boys

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If you are pregnant and expecting a child, perhaps these ten proposals from writers, mathematicians, doctors, physicists and researchers can serve as an example or help you in the search for a name for your future child. who have been awarded a Nobel Prize over the years.

Its origins as well as its sound are of the most diverse and varied. Some of them are used more frequently in their countries of origin and yet others are used more widely throughout the planet.

1. Jacobo: Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff obtained the first Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Jacobus comes from the Latin Jacob and means 'held by the heel'. In other languages ​​it is also called James, Jaime, Jacobo, Jacub, Giacomo, Jacques, Koby, or Jimmy among others.

2. Martin: Martin Luther King son was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Martin is also a name of Latin origin and means 'warrior'. In other countries it is also known as Martino, Maarten, Marty or Martín.

3. Lawrence: The youngest Nobel Prize was awarded to the physicist Lawrence Bragg. It also has its origin in Latin and means 'he who is crowned with laurels'. In this case we can point out that this name also has its feminine version in the form of Lorenza, Lorena, Laura. And in other languages ​​his male voice is used as: Lorenzo, Lars, Lorenz, Lauritz or Llorenç among others.

4. Leonid: Leonid Hurwicz, won his Nobel Prize in Economics at the age of 90, becoming the longest-lived laureate. Leonid's name means 'son of the lion'. It is of Greek origin and in other languages ​​it is called Leonides,

5. Satoshi: Satoshi Omura won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Satoshi is a name of Japanese origin and means 'smart'. In this case, no meanings are used in other languages.

6. Daniel: Daniel Shechtman He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Daniel is a Hebrew name, its meaning is related to the ‘justice of God’. Danyal, Danilo, Taneli or Danieru, are some of its uses in other languages.

7. Mario: The writer Mario Vargas Llosa he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Mario is a name widely used in the West. It also has a Hebrew origin and is related to the Roman god Mars.

8. Angus: The work of the Scotsman was distinguished with the Nobel Prize in Economics Angus Deaton. Angus is a name of Gaelic origin widely used in Scotland that means 'exceptionally strong'.

9. Bruce: The American Bruce beutler He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. It is also a name of Scottish origin. Although it was used for years as a surname, today it is also used as a name and means: ‘Thick Brush’.

10. Serge: The French Serge haroche he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. Its origin comes from Latin and refers to 'the protector or guardian'. Among the uses of this name in other languages ​​we find: Serxu, Sergio, Serguey, Sergi or Serge among others.

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